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Past Perfect Germany
While I have little information on the Past Perfect label it appears to have been manufactured in Japan and distributed in Germany. I have seen releases by other artists in this same "Silver Line" a series which has black covers with reflective silver printing and cover art.
Boogie Chillen'Past Perfect

904392-980 Boogie Chillen, 2000
Wednesday Evening Blues/ My First Wife Left Me/ Boogie Chillen/ Sally Mae/ Henry's Swing Club/ Hobo Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Alberta// Do My Baby Think of Me/ Three Long Years Today/ Strike Blues/ Grinder Man/ Walkin' This Highway/ Four Woman In My Life/ I Need Lovin'/ Find Me A Woman/ I'm In The Mood

Phonic Spain
  PHL 5514-American Jazz & Blues History vol. 12, 1978
  PHL 5514-American Jazz & Blues History vol. 25, 1979

45s Planet Sleeve
Planet 114PLF 114 b PLF 114-Mai Lee/Don't Bee Messing with My Bread, 1966

Point Blank (Virgin)

POB 4POB 4 b
POB 4-Boogie At Russian Hill/The Blues Will Never Die, 1993 Boogie At Russian HIill PS
POB 10 aPOB 10b
POB 10-Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)/Tupelo, 1995 POB 10
  S7-19518-Dimples/Don't Look Back, 1997  
  38664-Burnin' Hell/Boogie At Russian Hill, 1997  
Point Blank VPBLP 12 VPBLP 12-Boom Boom, 1992
Boom Boom/ I'm Bad Like Jesse James/ Same Old Blues Again/ Sugar Mama/ Trick Bag (Shoppin' For My Tombstone)// Boogie At Russian Hill/ Hittin' The Bottle Again/ Bottle Up And Go/ Thought I Heard/ I Ain't Gonna Suffer No More
VPBLP 22Chill Out

VPBLP 22-Chill Out, 1995
Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)/ Deep Blue Sea/ Kiddio/ Medley: Serves Me Right To Suffer/Syndicator/ One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/ Tupelo// Woman On My Mind/ Annie Mae/ Too Young/ Talkin' The Blues/ If You've Never Been In Love/ We'll Meet Again

  NH 52930-Shake It Baby/Let's Make It, 1964
  24 4400-???/???, 19??
German Pressed 20013632001363b 2001363-Shake It Baby/ Let's Make It (German Pressing) 2001363 PS
Polydor 200103632001 363 b Belium 2001 363-Shake It Baby/ Let's Make It (Belgian Pressing) 2001363 PS
VANS 11VANS 11 b VANS 11 861 944-7 Van Morrison's release, Too Long In Exile was released on Polydor under the custom Exile Banner. Hooker repays a long due favor pairing up for a remake of Gloria on the LP. Gloria PS
Brazilian Compact 33 PressingBrazilian Compact 33 Pressing DCP-621.518 Surf Festival, 1974?
This strangely titled Brazilian pressing contains 4 tracks from the AFBF shows released on LP by Polydor UK. Note this is a 7" 33rpm disc.
Shake It Baby, John Lee Hooker/ I Wanna See My Baby, T-Bone Walker// We're Gonna Rock, Memphis Slim/ Let's Make It Baby, John Lee Hooker
27 777 b 27 777 American Folk Blues Festival, 1974?
French pressed various artists EP.
Shake It Baby-John Lee Hooker/ Hey Baby-Shakey Jake// I'm Nervous-Memphis Slim/ I Wanna See My Baby-T. Bone Walker
In 1973 Polydor leased Hooker's "Texas Slim" sides from King, now part of Starday records in Nashville, and released Slim's Stomp. At first glance this seems to be a reissue of King LP 727 . A couple of things make it unique. First, the Von Battle and Malone recorded tracks appear chronologically. Secondly, the echo added to the tracks on other LP issues was not on these making it the first issue of these tracks in their original form since the 78 releases.
UK PolydorSilm's Stomp

2310256-Slim's Stomp, 1973 UK
Stomp Boogie/ Who's Been Jivin' You/ Black Man Blues/ Nightmare Blues/ Late Last Night/ Wanderin' Blues/ Don't Go Baby// Devil's Jump/ I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/ Moanin' Blues/ The Numbers/ Heart Trouble Blues/ Slim's Stomp/ Thinkin' Blues/ Don't You Remember Me

  ??-Blues Anthology Vol. 2 (Various?), 19??
  46-397-American Folk Blues Festival (Various Artists), 1974

Presiden 295295 b
295-Dimples/Boom Boom, 1970

Probe (UK)
LPs Probe
If You Miss 'Em, I Got 'Em SPB 1016-If You Miss 'Im, I Got 'Im, 1971
Reissue of Bluesway 6038

SPB 1034-Endless Boogie, 1971
This single lp release is missing several tracks from the 2LP set issued on ABC 720

(I Got) A Good Un/ Pots On, Gas On High/ Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U// I Don't Need No Steam Heat/ We Might As Well Call It Through (I Didn't Get Married To Your Two Timing Mother)/ Sittin' In My Dark Room/ Endless Boogie Parts 27 and 28

Never Get Out of These Blues Alive SPB 1057-Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive, 197?
Reissue of ABC 736

Probe (Fra) France
2C 006-92747 a2C 006-92474 b 2C 006-92474- Doin' the Shout/ Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U
Single issue of material from ABC 720, Endless Boogie
2C 006-92474 PS
C064-93751-Live At Soledad Prison, 197?
Reissue of ABC 761
C064-94333-Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee, 197?
Reissue of ABC 768

P-Vine Japan
Shortly before All Platinum/Sugarhill sold to MCA much of the Chess catalog would be leased to a Japanese company named Blues Interactions who would release the material under the P-Vine banner.. The labels bore a striking resemblance to the early Chess label and even much of the original artwork and liner notes would be used on the releases. These Japanese pressings would have been released with a lyric sheet and Obi strip. A later reissue of the Vee Jay LP, Burnin' would also mimick the label and jacket design of the original.
P-Vine Chess Label
The Blues of John Lee Hooker PLP 393-The Blues, 1989
Reissue of United 7710.
Record label bears the title of "Driftin' Thru The Blues" although the tracks originate with Crown 5232 jacket is a copy of Crown LP 5157
House of The Blues PLP 812-House of The Blues, 1983
Reissue of Chess 1438
Mad Man Blues
PLP 837-Mad Man Blues, 1984
Let's Go Out Tonight/ Peace Lovin' Man/ Stella Mae/ I Put My Trust In You/ One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer// Mad Man Blues/ Hey Boogie/ In The Mood/ You Know, I Know/ I'll Never Trust Your Love Again/ The Waterfront
Blues For Big Town 6061-Blues For Big Town (VA), 1985
Big Ed & His Combo-Biscuit Baking Mama/ Big Ed & His Combo-Superstition/ Bobo Jenkins-Democrat Blues/ Bobo Jenkins-Bad Luck and Trouble/ Eddie Burns-Treat Me Like I Treat You/ Eddie Burns-Don't Cha Leave Me Baby/ Texas Red & Jimmy-Black Snake Blues// John Lee Hooker-Walkin' The Boogie (alt. take)/ John Lee Hooker-Blues For Big Town/ John Lee Hooker-Big Fine Mama/ John Lee Hooker- Blues For Christmas/ Calvin Frazier-Lilly Mae/ Calvin Frazier-Have Blues Will Travel/ Katie Watkins-Trying To Get You Off My Mind
  PLP 6708-I'm John Lee Hooker, 198?
Reissue of Vee Jay 1007
  6709-Burnin', 198?
Reissue of Vee Jay 1043

Pye International-Pye/Chess
Pye would first start issuing Chess material in 1959. A few Chess releases had previously been released under the London American label part of Chess' deal with Decca Ltd. Starting in 1965 issues would begin to carry the Chess logo and the CRE prefix, while still being distributed by Pye, often referred to as Pye/Chess releases.
Pye 7N 252557N 25255 b
7N 25255-High Priced Woman/Sugar Mama, 1964 PYE 7N 25255 WLP
  44029-The Blues Vol 1, Pt 1 (Various Artists), 1964
Pye International  R&B Series EPEP 44034b
44034-Love Blues, 1964
Love Blues/ Louise// Ramblin' By Myself/ Ground Hog Blues
Love Blues
Pye R&B
NPL 2842-House of The Blues, 1964
Reissue of Chess 1438
House of The Blues-Pye

Red Lightnin'
I had originally stated that this release was the first issue of many of John Lee's sides released under aliases on the King label. New information indicates that this and all subsequent reissues are from an Advent lp of the same name Advent 2804.
The far left label appears to be the original and was sent out as review copies upon original release. The second may be a second press or standard commercial copy. Both are considerably heavier pressing than the two at right.
I am unsure of the release sequence of the last two labels pictured, however the 3rd label from the left bears the "C.H. Rumble" pressing credit common on UK pressings of suspicious origin.The black and white jacket was issued with the design on the far right.
LPs Red Lightnin' Original IssueRed Lightnin' 2nd IssueRed Lightnin' Later IssuePossibly 4th issue
No Friend Around
RL 003-No Friend Around, 1970
Stomp Boogie/ Black Man Blues/ Helpless Blues/ Goin' Mad Blues/ Morning Blues/ Roll N' Roll/ No Friend Around// Low Down Midnight Boogie/ House Rent Boogie/ Wandering Blues/ Landing Blues/ My Baby's Got Somethin'/ Decoration Day Blues/ Do The Boogie
Black and White Jacket
This is the one issue I've found on New Zealand's Regal Label, part of HMV New Zealand and apparently distributed by EMI.
John Lee Hooker Sings BluesRegal 30003 SREG 30003-John Lee Hooker Sings Blues, 1964?
NZ issue of Ember 3356
I am still in the process of tracking down information on the Canadian label which seemed to be releasing, not so much reissues, but concurrent releases with their US couterparts even using the same catalog numbers and jackets. Much like the "Maple Leaf" King issues these pressings were more or less original but for the Canadian market.
  John Lee Hooker Sings Blues, 1960
Canadian issue of King LP 727
Regency 1023Travelin' VJ-LP-1023-Travelin'-1961
Canadian issue of Vee Jay LP 1023, using same release number and a jacket that appears identical to US releases. The dead wax bears the Vee Jay Matrix along with a date of 2-11-61

Riverside UK was the first (and only) company to release a Detroit, 1959 session for Bill Grauer on LP. Although two others, an April session in Detroit would be released on Riverside 838 and later, a New York session would be released as Riverside 321 for whatever reason Grauer never released the material in the US. While the earlier released issues were pressed by Phillips and carry the original Riverside "Reels" logo I have had some difficulty tracking down dates and release numbers for the later issues with the boxed "R" logo.

Riverside 4501 (Canadian Press)RS 4501 b RS 4501-I Need Some Money/ Bundle Up And Go

The two EPs released in the UK oddly enough are not from the UK release of LP 008 but are taken from the US releases, That's My Story, Riverside 321
UK Pressed Riverside EPREP 3202 b REP 3202-Wednesday Evenin', 1964
I Need Some Money/ Come On And See About Me// Wednesday Evenin' Blues/ No More Doggin'
Wenesday Evenin'
Frech Pressed EPRiverside 3202 b French Pressing REP 3202-Wednesday Evenin', 1964
French Pressing
French Issue of 3202
REP 3207 aREP 3207 b REP 3207-Democrat Man, 1964
Democrat Man/ I Want To Talk To You// I'm Wanderin'
Democrat Man
REP 3207 a (French Pressing)REP 3207 b (French Pressing) REP 3207-Democrat Man, 1964
French Pressing
French REP 3207 ps

Bill Grauer had released 2 LPs in the states from sessions in Detroit and New York in 1959 and 1960. Riverside 321 and 838 were probably released in 1960-61. Another Grauer Detroit session recorded in 1959 for some reason was never issued in the states. It was, however released on the Riverside label in the UK in 1964.  
Burning HellRiverside RLP 008-Burning Hell, 1964
Burning Hell/ Graveyard Blues/ Baby Please Don't Go/ Jackson, Tennessee/ You Live Your Life and I'll Live Mine/ Smokestack Lightnin'/ /How Can You Do It?/ I Don't Want No Woman If Her Hair Ain't No Longer Than Mine/ I Rolled and Turned and Cried The Whole Night Long/ Blues For My Baby/ Key To The Highway/ Natchez Fire
  673005-You're Leavin' Me, Baby, 1969? (RS 3309 Canada)
Reissue of Riverside 321, That's My Story
Tupla BluesGerman Pressed Riverside 673020-Tupela Blues, 1969? (RS 3304)
Thus far this German and Canadia issues appear to have the title mis-spelled "Tupela" on the jacket. The UK versions I've seen have it correctly spelled with an "o" at the end.
Reissue of Riverside 838 , Country Blues

Roots Belgium
 Based in Belgium, the Roots label released two LPs of remastered material from 50s and 60s sessions.
Walking The BluesRoot 113016 113016-Walking The Blues, 1990
Dreaming The Blues/ Hey Boogie/ Just Me And My Telephone/ Ground Hog Blues/ High Priced Woman/ Leave My Wife Alone/ Louise/ Ramblin' By Myself/ Union Station Blues// Hey Baby/ I Don't Want Your Money/ Lonely Boy Boogie/ Love Blues/ Mad Man Blues/ Please Don't Go/ Sugar Mama/ The Journey/ Walkin' The Boogie
Hobo BluesRoots 113025 113025-Vol. 2 Hobo Blues, 1990
It's My Own Fault Darling/ Women and Money/ Little Wheel/ Hobo Blues/ Crawlin' King Snake/ I'm In The Mood/ Maudie/ My First Wife Left Me/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ Want Ad Blues// Blues Before Sunrise/ Stella Mae/ Peace Lovin' Man/ I Put My Trust In You/ One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/ You Know, I Know/ The Waterfront

Silvertone records would release several of Hooker's later LPs in the UK. Many of these would not be released in the US on vinyl at all.
ORE 10 aORE 10 b ORE 10-The Healer/Rockin' Chair, 1989 Ore 10 Sleeve
ORE 18aORE 18b ORE 18-I'm In The Mood/ My Dream-1990 ORE 18 PS
Silvertone ORE 21ORE 21 b ORE 21-Baby Lee/Cuttin' Out, 1990
Baby Lee performed with Robert Cray/Cuttin' Out with Canned Heat
Ore 21 Sleeve
0395 WLP (Spain)0395 WLP (Spain) 0395-Mr. Lucky/Mr. Lucky, 1990?
Spanished Pressed white label double sided promo.
Mr. Lucky (Spain)
  ZB 43385-The Healer/Rockin' Chair, 1990 (German Issue)  
German Pressed ZB 43681 ZB 43681- In The Mood/ No Substitue,(German Pressing), 1992 Distributed by BMG. In The Mood (German Pressing)
  ZB 43711-I'm In The Mood/My Dream, 199? (German Issue)  
  508-The Healer, 1989
Silvertone 519-Mr. Lucky, 1991
Want To Hug You/ Mr. Lucky/ Backstabbers/ This Is Hip/ I Cover The Waterfront// Highway 13/ Stripped Me Naked/ Susie/ Crawlin' Kingsnake/ Father Was A Jockey
I had originally listed Sonet as a Portuguese label as my copy of the Specialty release, Hooker, Hopkins and Hogg, Specialty 5013 was pressed there. It is in fact a Swedish/Danish company that appears to have been reissing several JLH records in the mid-late 70s. It seems strange that I have found this release and several issued in the UK but the US release has, to this point, eluded me.
SonetHooker, Hopkins and Hogg RISLP 14113-Hooker, Hopkins & Hogg, 1977
Reissue of Specialty 5013
Specialty (UK) UK
SNTF 5005Alone SNTF 5005-Alone, 197?
Reissue of Specialty 2125
Star Club
So far I have found this single release on the German label Star Club. I am not sure of date but it is a reissue of the Impulse LP, It Serves You Right To Suffer, Impulse 9103 .
The reletive demand for this LP leads me to believe it may be a higher quality pressing than many reissues or perhaps the original itself.
  158 024 STY-It Serves You Right To Suffer, 19??
Reissue of Impulse 9103

(EMI Stateside)
EMI would use the this label to release material leased from companies from the US, in Hooker's case, first Vee Jay then later ABC/Bluesway. Later issues would bear the EMI logo alongside that of Stateside.
45s Stateside SleeveEMI Stateside Sleeve
  SS 203-Boom Boom/Frisco Blues, 1963
SS 297SS 297 b SS 297-Dimples/I'm Leaving, 1964
SS 341 WLPSS 341 b SS 341-I Love You Honey/Send Me Your Pillow, 1964
FSS 613b FSS 613-Cry Before I Go/ Boom Boom Boom,1967?
French 45 issue of material from Bluesway 6012, Urban Blues.
2C 006-9014 A2C 006-90141 B 2C 006-90141-Mean, Mean Woman/ I Wanna Bugaloo
French issue from Bluesway 6023, Simply The Truth
2C 006-90141 PS
SE 1008aSE 1008b SE 1008-Rhythm & Blues (Hooker & Reed), 1963
Big Boss Man (Reed)/ Good Lover (Reed)// She's Mine (Hooker)/ Dusty Road (Hooker)
Rhythm & Blues
Stateside EP 10191019 b SE 1019-The Blues of John Lee Hooker, 1964
Whiskey And Wimmen/ Drug Store Woman// Boogie Chillun/ Little Wheel
The Blues of John Lee Hooker
1023 a1023 b SE 1023-I'm John Lee Hooker, 1964
I'm So Excited/ Baby Lee// Time Is Marching/ Maudie
I'm John Lee Hooker
LPs Stateside UKEMI Stateside (French Pressing)French Pressed Stateside
The Folklore of John Lee Hooker 10014-The Folklore of JLH, 1962
Reissue of Vee Jay 1033
  10046-Preachin' The Blues (Various Artists), 1963
  10053-The Big Soul of John Lee Hooker, 1964
Reissue of Vee Jay 1058
I Want To Shout The Blues 10074-I Want To Shout The Blues, 1964
Reissue of Vee Jay 1066, John Lee Hooker on Campus.
  10069-The Best of The Blues (VA?), 1964
Urban Blues (French) 10246-Urban Blues, 1968
Reissue of Bluesway 6012
If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im

C062-91429-If You Miss 'im...I Got 'Im, 197?
Reissue of Bluesway 6038

  94239-Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee, 1973?
Reissue of ABC 768

WI 361-Boogie Chillun'/I'm In The Mood, 1965  

Time Wind Germany
Little WheelTime Wind 50017 50017-Little Wheel, 19??
Little Wheel/ I'm In The Mood/ Hobo Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Blues Before Sunrise// Want Ad Blues/ My First Wife Left Me/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ Maudie/ Time Is Marching
Tomato Germany
Father of The BluesTomato 2696021 LP 2696021-John Lee Hooker Father of The Blues "Live", 198?
A single LP reissue of material orignally relased on Tomato 7009, The Cream
I'll Sing The Blues For YouTomato 2696141 2696141 I'll Play The Blues For You, 1989.
This live lp seems to have been recorded in Chicago some time around the fall of 1977. Hooker shares the record with fellow blues legend Albert King. Hooker titles; Feel Good/Boom Boom/Serves Me Right/ One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/King Snake
Tomato 96602 96602 Alone, 1989
Another 2 LP live set from Hunter College, New York February 1976 Features John Lee with no extra accompaniment aside from one enthusiastic audience member with a harmonica.
I Miss You So/Jesse James/Dark Room/I'll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive/Boogie Chillun/When My First Wife Left Me/ Boom Boom/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/I Feel Good/ Some People/T.B./Baby Please Don't Go/Mama Killed A Chicken/ Hobo/Tired Of Being Your Doggie/All Night Long/Crawlin' King Snake

A late reissue of Vee Jay material liscensed through Charly UK.
Topline RecordsBurnin' Top 176-Burnin', 1987
Reissue of Vee Jay 1043

Top Rank France
Originally formed as the New York branch of the UK's Rank Records LTD, Top Rank's life as a label was brief. Started in 1959 and headed by Kurt Mohr for French Odeon, the label would fold 18 months later and be bought out and briefly revived by EMI before the start of their Stateside label. Thus far all of the JLH Top Rank releases I have found are Vee Jay leases bearing both the Top Rank logo and another that varies with country of origin. Mohr had also released other Vee Jay artists such as Jimmy Reed and The Staple Singers under the Top Rank Banner.
RES 136RED 136b RES-136, 1960? Released under the Arteco label
Wheel and Deal/ The Road Is Rough// Everybody Rockin'/ Crawlin' Black Spider
RES 136 PS
I'm John Lee HookerRLP 103 RLP 103-I'm John Lee Hooker
Reissue of Vee Jay LP 1007
  3302-John Lee Hooker, Blues Modernos
Reissue of Vee Jay sides on the Spanish Discophon label.

Visadisc France
Visadisc EP 231231 b 231-Rhythm and Blues (VA), 196?
When My Wife Quit Me, John Lee Hooker/ Livin' With The Blues, Brownie McGhee// Kidman Blues, Memphis Minnie/ Trying To Change My Ways, St. Louis Jimmy
Rhythm and Blues
275 a275 b 275-John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues, 196?
I Love To See You Walk/ Lost My Job// I'm Gonna Keep On Walking/ Shake It Up And Go
John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues

Vivid Sound Japan
Much like the P-Vine releases this Japanese company released reissues keeping true to the original cover art. This release, however misses the mark a little with the label desgin.
VS-1030 John Lee Hooker Sings Blues, 1983
Reissue of King 727
VS 1030John Lee Hooker Sings Blues

I have noticed another issue of Vogue 2102. The label is more red in color and has a tax stamp. I am not sure at this time whether it is an ealier, later or export issue.
Vogue 78 2102V 2102 b UK V 2102-Hoogie Boogie/Whistlin' and Moanin' Blues, 1952
Reissue of of Modern sides from 20-663 and 20-668
France LPs
I have the Vogue Chess re-issues listed here for now as that's how they've been listed in most places I've found them.
  515009-The Real Folk Blues, 1982
Reissue of Chess 1508
House of The BluesVogue/Chess 515025-House of The Blues, 1982?
Reissue of Chess 1438
Anthologie du Blues Vol. 4 590317-Anthologie du Blues Vol. 4, 198?
Reissue of Everest 222

This reissue of John Lee's collaboration with the Groundhogs is interesting if for nothing else than it's creative re-titling. "Mai Lee" has now become "Mary", "Losing You" has been changed to "Loosing", and "Little Dreamer" for some reason has become "Lay Down Little Drummer".
Similar mistakes and misquotes have appeared on several issues from non-English speaking countries and are to be expected I would guess. As Xtra is a UK company I can't help but think that perhaps there were other motives behind some of these odd titles.
Xtra 1114John Lee Hooker, Xtra
1114-John Lee Hooker, 1971
Reissue of Verve Folkways 3003, ...And Seven Nights

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