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Fantasy Australia
This recent discovery on the Fantasy label pressed in Australia leads me to believe that the reorganization of the non-US section of the site is eminent. Live at Sugar Hill was originally released in the US on Galaxy 201 , It was issued by Fantasy (US), but as part of a double LP titled Boogie Chillen. This issue, actually pressed and distributed by Festival records of Australia with a date of 1973, carries a slightly different label than US Fantasy releases and slightly different jacket than the original Galaxy release.
SFYL 93439 4-Live At Sugar Hill, 1973
Reissue of Galaxy 201
Fantasy-Australian PressingLive At Sugarhill

Festival France
LPs Festival
American Folk Blues Festival Festival 125-American Festival Folk Blues, 197?
Black Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival 186-Black Rhythm 'n' Blues, 197?
A 2LP reissue of a 1969 session in Paris orginally released on Carson 3662 and America 6101

The design of the French pressed Fontana labels seem to indicate a relationship with Phillips. Along with Fontana's reissue of Riverside 838 the same Phillips-like design is used on the Riverside UK release Burning Hell, RLP 008. Whether Phillips had leased the European rights to these masters or simply was contracted to handle the pressings I do not know.
How Long BluesFontana (UK Pressing)
688 700 ZL-(Folk Blues U.S.A.) How Long Blues, 1964
Reissue of Riverside 838
Blue!Fontana (French Pressing)
FJL 119-Blue!, 1964
Let's Make It/ Thelmpa/ I Got A Letter/ Drug Store Woman/ Dusty Road/ Canal Street Blues// What Do You Say?/ No Shoes/ I'm A Stranger/ Process/ Whiskey and Wimmen/ Blues Before Sunrise
*My French pressed issue of this LP is a mis-press. Side 2 is actually the Riverside recordings released on the Fontana LP, How Long Blues. I have no idea if this was common to many French pressings or just a few.

Frog Italy
Frog released several LPs by JLH and other blues artists as part of it's "Blues and Rock Project" series of LPs.
Mad Man BluesGreen Frog 22006-Mad Man Blues, 1981
Reissue of Chess 60011

Green Line Italy
Affiliated with Charly records in the UK I have found two releases of the same Chess LP by the Italian label, Green Line.
  8019-JLH Plays and Sings The Blues, 19??
Reissue of Chess 1454
  9199-JLH Plays and Sings The Blues, 19??
Reissue of Chess 1454
Globe SJET-8323The Best of John Lee Hooker SJET-8323-The Best of John Lee Hoker, 1978?
LP issue of Modern sides
Sally Mae/ Boogie Chillen/ Hobo Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Whistling and Moaning/ Hoogie Boogie// Weeping Willow/ House Rent Boogie/ Queen Bee/ I'm In The Mood/ Anybody Seen dMy Baby/ Cold Chills
VIP 5005-Boogie Chillun', 198?
Reissue of Crown 5157

Goody France

  GY 70000-Folk Blues, 197?

Happy Bird Germany
 John Lee Hooker's Sittin' Here Thinkin', originally released on the Muse label, was released twice by the German label Happy Bird carrying the Muse logo. The Blues Legend, a four LP set also features albums by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters and a live LP from Blind John Davis.
LPs Happy BirdHappy Bird label. Possibly 80s
Sittin' Here Thinkin' B 90086-Sittin' Here Thinkin', 1979
Reissue of Muse 5205
The Blues Legend F/4 90098-The Blues Legend Vol. 2, 1979
Four LP set contained reissues of Hooker's Sittin' Here Thinkin' LP along with Muddy Water's LP Mud In Your Ear, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee's You Here Me Talkin' and Blind John Davis Live in Hamburg.
Do The Boogie B 90165-Do The Boogie, 1979?
Reissue of Red Lightnin' 003 No Friend Around

  CLP 5032(mono)/ CSD 3542 (stereo)-It Serve You Right To Suffer, 1966
Reissue of Impulse 9103
  CLP 3612-Live At Cafe Au Go Go, 1967
Reissue of Bluesway 6002

Part of Charly Records this release also contains previously recorded Vee Jay Material. At least one song, Dirty Groundhog, appears to have been unissued before this release.
The Boogie ManInstant 5009 5009-The Boogie Man, 1989
Boom Boom/ Dirty Groundhog/ I'm Comin' Home/ I Love You Honey/ I'm In The Mood/ Crawling Black Spider/ House Rent Boogie// Dimples/ Mambo Chillun/ This Is Hip/ I'm So Excited/ Hobo Blues/ Loudella/ She Shot Me Down

Jasmine UK
Jasmine 74It Serves Your right To Suffer JAS 74-It Serves You Right To Suffer, 198?
Reissue of Impulse 9103 , leased from MCA post their buy out of ABC and their affiliated labels in 1979.

Jazz Odyssey France
  LP 005-L' Aventure Du Jazz (VA), 19??
  LP 014-L' Aventure Du Jazz (VA), 19??

Joker Italy
In the Mid 70s the Italian label, Joker, would issue 3lps in a series titled Original Folk Blues, John Lee Hooker. The black label variation comes from Vol. 1 of the series. I am unsure as to wether this is the original label design or a reissue. All of these seem to have been previously or perhaps later released by Joker under different titles.
Black Label Joker
Hobo Blues
SM 3783-Hobo Blues Vol. 1, 1975 (Original Folk Blues)
Dimples/ Hobo Blues/ I Love You Honey/ I'm In The Mood/ Crawling King Snake Blues// No Shoes/ Tupelo/ Whiskey & Wimmen/ Boogie Chillun/ Boom Boom
Send Me Your Pillow
SM 3962-Send Me Your Pillow Vol. 2, 1975
Send Me Your Pillow/ I'm So Excited/ Baby Lee/ Onions/ Time Is Marching// Old Time Shimmy/ Dusty Road/ Good Rockin' Mama/ Blues Before Sunrise/ Maudie
Want Ad Blues
SM 3963-Want-Ad Blues Vol. 3, 1975
Want-Ad Blues/ My First Wife Left Me/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ 'Frisco/ Little Wheel// Every Night/Take A Look At Yourself/ She Shot Me Down/ No One Told Me/ Mighty Fire

In business until 1970, Joy records of the UK reissue several of Hooker's Vee Jay Lps along with one from the Vee Jay affiliated Dynasty label.
LPs 33rpm Joy
 I'm John Lee Hooker 101-I'm John Lee Hooker, 1968
Reissue of Vee Jay 1007
  124-Burnin', 1968
Reissue of Vee Jay 1043
  129-Travelin', 1969
Reissue of Vee Jay 1023
  133-The Folklore of JLH, 1969
Reissue of Vee Jay 1033
 Concert At Newport 142-Concert at Newport, 1969
Reissue of Vee Jay 1078
  147-The Big Soul of JLH, 1969
Reissue of Vee Jay 1058
  152-John Lee Hooker In Person, 1969
Reissue of Dynasty 7301
The Best of JLH 156-The Best of John Lee Hooker, 1970
Reissue of Vee Jay 1049 ?
  185-The Blues (Various Artists), 1970
Reissue of Vee Jay LP 1020, The Blues, a VA issue originally released in 1960.

  1038-Down Home Blues (Various Artists), 1978
Hookered On The Blues33 JSP 1059-Hookered On The Blues, 1983
Reissue of Lunar 2008, Live In 1978
King-lax Japan
The only hint at the company I could find on this lp was a small credit to King Record Co. of Japan on the back of the jacket. The obi mentions other releases, including several blues re-issues in the lax series. The stark label doesn't even mention the parent company.
King lax 153 LAX-153-Vintage John Lee Hooker 1948-1952, 1979
A more aptly titled Japanese pressing of UA 5512, Coast to Coast Blues Band

Krazy Kat

The Krazy Kat release of Boogie Awhile (KK 200) in 1990 marked the first ever release (in any format) of many early Detroit sides. Dave Sax compiled and recorded the material from acetates and 78s. Many from his own collection. It is the first release of Hooker's demos recorded with Elmer Barbee in 1948 and contains many alternate takes as well as many 78 issues that had never been released on LP.

I have references to Krazy Kat releases 220 and 818, however I have not found any information on these LPs as of yet.

KK 200-Boogie Awhile, 1990
Morning Blues/ Boogie Awhile/ Tuesday Evening/ Miss Pearl Boogie/ Good Business/ Mercy Blues/ Boogie Woogie/ Wayne County Ramblin' Blues// I Love To Boogie/ Highway Blues/ Miss Rosie Mae/ Miss Rosie Mae (Alternate Take)/ Leavin' Chicago/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ "Rocks"/ Greivin' Blues// Shake Your Boogie/ Poor Slim (Take 1)/ Poor Slim (Take 2)/ We Gonna Make Everything Alright/ Low Down Boogie/ Roll Me Baby/ Down So Long// Do The Boogie/ Christmas Time Blues/ Prison Bound/ Bumble Bee Blues/ Boogie Rambler/ No More Doggin'
Krazy Kat 816KK 816 KK 816-Detroit Blues (With Eddie Burns), 1987
Hooker shares the release wit fellow Detroit bluesman Eddie Burns. Although Burns gets his picture on the cover most of the tracks are from JLH and he probably had sat in on the Burns tracks as well. This is the first issue I have seen of Hooker's Gotham releases since their original issue.
House Rent Boogie-Hooker/ Wandering Blues-Hooker/ Making A Fool Out of Me-Burns/ Questionnaire Blues-Hooker/ Real Gone Gal-Hooker/ Squeeze Me Baby-Burns/ Feed Her All Night-Hooker/ Gangster Blues-Burns// Where Did You Stay Last Nigt-Burns/ My Daddy Was A Jockey-Hooker/ Little Boy Blue-Hooker/ How Long Must I Be Your Slave-Hooker/ Grieving Blues-Burns/ Ground Hog-Hooker/ Mean Old Train-Hooker/ Catfish-Hooker
I previously had listed KK 818 and 220 as possibly containing Hooker material. Krazy Kat 818 is by Harry Crofton while KK 220 appears to have never existed. Thank you to Richard Koloda for this information.

  HL 8037-Need Somebody/Too Much Boogie, 1954
Reissue of Modern 916
Don't Turn Me From Your DoorLondon Atlantic/American Series HAK 8097-Don't Turn Me From Your Door, 1963
Reissue of ATCO 151

Marble Arch
The budget wing of the Pye label, Marble Arch released several Chess LPs minus a side or two. It seems this was to help justify the budget price.

House of The BluesMAL 663 MAL 663-House of The Blues, 1965
Reissue of Chess 1438 (Minus Ramblin' By Myself and Louise)
Marfer Spain

40024-S-I Wanna Dance All Night, 1972*
Spanish Press of America 6101
* A Spanish discography lists this as having its origins in the America LP that my source dates to 1977, 5 years after this Spanish press. If the dates are correct then the source would be wrong making this LP the first issue of this material.

This 1982 issue was released in conjunction with the London Blues Festival at Hammersmith Odeon that same year. It contains recordings from Hooker's releases on Impulse, ABC and Bluesway. MCA had acquired ABC and it's subsidiaries in 1979.
MCL 1686Tantalizing With The Blues MCL 1686-Tantalizing With The Blues, 1982
It Serve You Right To Suffer/ Shake It Baby/ Bottle Up And Go/ Cry Before I Go/ Back Biters And Syndicatoers/ Think Twice Before You Go/ I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam// Mini Skirts/ Mean Mean Woman/ Tantalizing With The Blues/ I'm Just A Drifter/ Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U/ I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive
Mediterraneo Spain
  LP 0062-Free Beer and Chicken, 1976
Reissue of ABC 838
  ABC DL 0011/12-Endless Boogie, 1976
Reissue of ABC 720
  Mediterraneo-Movieplay TK 3029-Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive (El Camino del Blues, Vol. 12), 1976
Reissue of ABC 736
Movieplay Spain
  S 21190-That's Where It's At, 1970
Reissue of Stax 2013.
  S 21274-De Vuelta en Casa, 1972
Reissue of Black and Blue 333-023, Get Back Home In The USA.

Musidisc France
Musidisc also owned Festival and may be the source of several records, perhaps listed under other labels that I have listed below.
  125-American Folk Blues Fesitval, 19??
  ???-Black R 'n B, 1975
  ???-I Wanna Dance All Night, 1979
  ???-King of Folk Blues, 1979
  ???-Live With The Blues, 1979
  1361-Come On Baby, 19??
Reissue of Carson 3662
  50007-Mad Man Blues, 19??
Reissue of Chess 60011
  2M 124.64765/6-Super Rhythm and Blues (VA), 19??
  2M 026. 64549-Super Rhythm and Blues Vol. 2 (VA), 19??

New World
This Reissue of Hooker's Recordings with the Groundhogs seems to have it's origins in the Xtra lp of the same tracks as it bears the same song title mis-spellings.
New World 6003 NW 6003-John Lee Hooker, 1972
Reissue of the Verve LP ...And Seven Nights recorded in England with the Groundhogs.

Official Denmark
Official 6029-Boogie Chillen, 1989
Shake, Holler and Run/ Gotta Boogie/ Ride 'Till I Die/ Hobo Blues/ Half A Stranger/ Boogie Chillen/ Bad Boy/ Down Child// Rock House Boogie/ Playin' The Races/ Cool Little Car/ Hug And Squeeze/ Tease Me Baby/ I'm In The Mood/ Looking For A Woman/ Too Much Boogie

Ornament Germany
This LP is attributed to a Live set in Cologne, Germany on June 18, 1976
Live and WellOrnament 7-104 7-104-John Lee Hooker Live + Well, 1978
Goin'To California/Crawlin' Kingsnake/ You're So Fine/ It Serve You Right To Suffer/ As The Years Go Passing By/ Black Night Is Fallin'/ Can't Stop Groovin'
Overseas Japan

I'm John Lee HookerOverseas UPS 226

UPS 2266, Im John Lee Hooker, 1984
Reissue of VJLP 1007.

Operating out of Italy, Oxford had apparently issued several of the LPs first relaesed by Charly records in the UK. Although I know there were other Hooker issues this is the only copy I've found to date.
OX 3240Everybody Rockin'

OX 3240, Everybody Rockin', 1981?
Italian Issue of Charly, CRB 1014

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