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Accion Spain
  AC 40015-No Shoes, 1973
Listed as an Everest Reissue but I'm not sure which lp without a track listing.

Ace UK
Ace 69 NS69-Bim Bam, B.B. King/Shake Holler and Run, John Lee Hooker ACE 69 b
LPs Ace CH 37Ace 259
John Lee Hooker Vol. 1 CH 37-John Lee Hooker Vol. 1, 1981
Shake Holler and Run/ Gonna Boogie/ Ride 'Till I Die/ Hobo Blues/ Half A Stranger/ Boogie Chillen// Rock House Boogie/ Playin' The Races/ Cool Little Car/ Hug And Squeeze You/ Tease Me Baby/ I'm In The Mood
That's My Story CH 259- That's My Story, 19??
Reissue of Riverside 321
  CH 282-The Folk Blues of John Lee Hooker, 19??
Live At Sugarhill CH 287-Live At Sugar Hill, 19??
Reissue of Galaxy (8)205, Live At Sugarhill
LIve At Sugarhill Vol. 2 CH 298-Live At Sugar Hill Volume 2, 19??
The entire Sugarhill session was released as a double LP, Fantasy 24706, Boogie Chillun

Advent UK
Advent was the first to release many of John Lee's early works on LP. Taken directly from 78s in many cases this may have been the first time many had heard these tracks. The label was started by Dave Sax and Frank Scott and had a mere 4 issues. Later, Scott would revive the label in the US in 1972.

The many reissues the Red Lightnin' release RL 003, No Friend Around, all actually stem from the same dub of a single copy Advent 2804. Advent had pressed less than a couple hundred copies and hadn't even made it to printing jackets when they were approached by Red Lightnin' who wanted to release the LP. Rather than obtaining the masters or stampers from Advent, RL would simply dub a copy of 2804. The Red Lightnin' and all subsequent reissues on BYG, Charly, and Happy Bird would be made from this dub which is apparently of greatly reduced sound quality from the original Advent pressing.

For more information on Advent, and dozens of other labels and artists, visit Stefan Wirz' Advent page at his American Music site.

  2801-John Lee Hooker and His Guitar, 1966
Graveyard Blues/ I Love To Boogie/ Miss Sadie Mae/ Huckle Up Baby/ Canal Street Blues/ Boogie Chillun' No. 2/ My Daddy Was A Jockey// Questionnaire Blues/ Real Gone Gal/ Mean Old Train/ Catfish/ Miss Lorraine/ Talkin' Boogie/ Miss Eloise/ Burnin' Hell
Advent 2804 1Advent 2804 2 2804-No Friend Around, 196?
Stomp Boogie/ Black Man Blues/ Helpless Blues/ Goin' Mad Blues/ Morning Blues/ Roll N' Roll/ No Friend Around// Low Down Midnight Boogie/ House Rent Boogie/ Wandering Blues/ Landing Blues/ My Baby's Got Somethin'/ Decoration Day Blues/ Do The Boogie
The original source of the Red Lightnin' LP of the same name RL003.
No Friend Around
Advent discographyRL 003 Issue Number The jacket that came with this lp is similar to the black and white jackets released on the Red Lightnin' reissues of this lp. Although the RL logo is missing from the jacket it does have the RL 003 release number. The scan at far left bears a promise of a full discography not offered with the RL lp. Apparently I won't get one with this lp either as there was no discography inside.

America France
The session that yielded the Carson LP 3662, I Feel Good also produced a second LP that would be released on the French "America" label. Both LPs would be reissued as a set on the Festival label. (Festival 186)
America 17014America 17014 b 17014-I Wanna Dance All Night/Baby Don't You Wanna Go, 1977  I Wanna Dance All Night
30 AM 6074-The King Of Folk Blues, 197?
Reissue of Galaxy 201
The King Of Folk Blues
30 AM 6078-The Blues 197?
Reissue of Crown 5157
The Blues

30-AM 6101-I Wanna Dance All Night, 1977
Hey, Baby You Look Good To Me/ I Wanna Dance All Night/ Mean Woman/ Why Put Me Down/ My Name Is Ringing// What The Matter Baby/ Baby Don't You Wanna Go/ Talk To Your Daughter/ You Move Me/ The Things I Tell You To Do

I Wanna Dance All Night

In the 1990 Dennis Hopper film "The Hot Spot" Hooker would team up with several musicians most notable among them were Taj Mahal and Miles Davis.
LPs Antilles-Island PressAntilles-Brazillian Press
The Hot Spot AN 8755-The Hot Spot (Soundtrack), 1990
Coming To Town/ Empty Bank/ Harry's Philosophy/ Dolly's Arrival/ Harry and Dolly/ Sawmill/ Bank Robbery// Moanin'/ Gloria's Story/ Harry Sets Up Sutton/ Murder/ Blackmail/ End Credits
Apolo Spain

6009-Jazz & Blues Vol. 9, 1982

  6020-Jazz & Blues Vol. 20, 1982
Ariola-MCA Spain
  H-204429-It Serves You Right To Suffer, 1982
Reissue of Impulse 9103

Atlantic (U. K.)
(Special, "K", AET) UK
Atlantic, parent company of the ATCO label released several LPs, EPs and 45s through their European distributors.
AET 6010Atlantic 6010 b   AET 6010-John Lee Hooker, 1965
Wobbling Baby/ You Lost A Good Man// My Baby Don't Love Me/ Guitar Lovin' Man
Atlantic EP 6010
Drifting BluesAtlantic Special 590 003-Drifting Blues, 1967 (Atlantic Special)
Reissue of ATCO 151
  40-405-Detroit Special, 197? (Atlantic K)
Reissue of Atlantic 7228
Don't Turn Me From Your Door 40-507-Don't Turn Me From Your Door, 197?
Reissue of ATCO 151

Atlantic (France) France
EP 212 079Atlantic ep 212 079 b 212 079 M-Wobbling Baby, 197?
Wobbling Baby/ You Lost A Good Man// My Baby Don't Love Me/ Guitar Lovin' Man
Wobbling Baby
French Atlantci 432-065Don't Turn Me From Your Door 432 065-Don't Turn Me From Your Door,196?
Reissue of ATCO 151 There are later french issues of this lp dating from 1973. This one, however appears much earlier, possibly dating from 1967 when ATCO reissued the lp in stereo in the US.
  L7CH30-No Friend Around, 1980
Spanish pressing of the Charly reissue. Charly 30170
  L4 377-This Is Hip, 1982
Reissue of Charly 1004

Bellaphon Germany
For reasons I don't quite understand Belllaphon of Germany put out two-two record sets of nearly the same material under different titles. While the order differs, most of the tracks are the same.
Bellaphon 15165Bellaphon
BL 15165-The Best Of John Lee Hooker, 1976
Boom Boom/ Dimples/ Send Me Your Pillow/ Baby Lee/ Whistling and Moaning/ Anybody Seen My Baby// Old Time Shimmy/ I'm In the Mood/ Hobo Blues/ Weeping Willow/ Dusty Road/ House Rent Boogie
The Best of JLH
BLS 5523 -Dusty Road, 198?
Send Me Your Pillow/ Old Time Shimmy/ Dimples/ I'm So Excited/ Baby Lee// Boom Boom/ No Shoes/ Dusty Road/ Onions/ Good Rockin' Mama// Boogie Chillen/ I'm In The Mood/ Crawling King Snake/ Queen Bee/ Hobo Blues/ Weeping Willow// Cold Chills/ Hoogie Boogie/ Whistling and Moaning/ Sally Mae/ House Rent Boogie/ Anybody Seen My Baby
BLS 5577-Portrait-John Lee Hooker, 198?
Boom Boom/ Dimples/ Send Me Your Pillow/ Baby Lee/ Whistling And Moaning// Hoogie Boogie/ Anybody Seen My Baby/ Hobo Blues/ Weeping Willow// House Rent Boogie/ Boogie Chilen/ I'm In The Mood/ Dusty Road/ Cold Chills/ I'm So Excited/ No Shoes/ Old Time Shimmy/ Onions/ Good Rockin' Mama

BGO had contracted with ABC in the US to release several of Hooker's LPs released on ABC and the subsidiary Bluesway Label.
  LP 39-Live At The Cafe Au-Go-Go
Reissue of Bluesway 6002
  LP 40-Simply The Truth
Reissue of Bluesway 6023
  LP 70-Endless Boogie
Reissue of ABC 720
  LP 122-Urban Blues
Reissue of Bluesway 6012

Black and Blue France
Taken from a session in Pau, France in November of 1969 this LP features the same personnel as the Carson LP 3662 and The America LP 6101. Later, these and other tracks from the same session would be reissued by Black and Blue, but only on CD. I have found no other vinyl issues of these tracks.
LPs Black and Blue
 Get Back Home In The U.S.A. 333 023-Get Back Home In The USA, 19??
Get Back Home In The U.S.A./ TB is Killing Me/ Cold Chills/ I Had a Dream Last Night/ Love Affair/ Little Rain/ When My First Wife Left Me/ Big Boss Lady/ Back to Your Mother/ Boogie Chillen
Blue City
2652211-16 Greatest Hits-198?, German Issue?

Brunswick France
The Brunswick label is most notable for it's release of material from the American Folk Blues Festival that toured Europe during the 60s. There was both a John Lee Hooker single and EP released by the label to complement the various artists LPs.
Brunswick EP 10.644Brunswick ep 10644 b 10.644-The American Folk Blues Festival, John Lee Hooker, Shake It Baby, 19??
Shake It Baby/ Hey Baby// I'm Nervous/ I Wanna See My Baby
Shake It Baby
  9012-The Original American Folk Blues Festival, 196?

LPs Bulldog BDL 1011
 Blues Before Sunrise

BDL 1011-Blues Before Sunrise, 198?
Little Wheel/ I'm In The Mood/ Hobo Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Blues Before Sunrise// Want Ad Blues/ My First Wife Left Me/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ Maudie/ Time Is Marching

BYG France
Named for it's founders Jacques Bisceglia, Jean-Luc Young & Jean Georgakarakos, BYG was started in the late 60s. Jean-Luc Young would later help to co-found Charly Records in the UK along with Joop Visser.

LPs BYG 529 508
Folk Blues 529 008-Folk Blues, 19??
Reissue of Crown 5232 Would be reissued under Pop Blues Series below.
 Pop Blues Vol. 8, Folk Blues 529 508-Pop Blues Vol. 8-John Lee Hooker, Folk Blues, 19??
Reissue of Crown 5232
 Pop Blues Vol. 11-No Friend Around 529 511-Pop Blues Vol. 11No Friend Around, 19??
Reissue of Red Lightnin' RL 003
  58017-On The Road, 19??

Calumet France
Calumet released straight reissues of the Carson LP and Single even using the same release numbers and cover art.
Calumet 1662Calumet 1662 b 1662-I Feel Good/Daizie Mae, 197? Calumet 1662 ps
  3662-I Feel Good, 197?
Reissue of Carson 3662


  97110-Les Rois Du Blues, 19??

Carson France
Carson in France was the first to release material from a 1969 session in Paris that would be released in the US as Jewel 5005

Carson 1662Carson 1662 b
1662-I Feel Good/Daize Mae, 1969 Carson Picture Sleeve
3662-I Feel Good, 1969
Chameleon Australia
Pressed by Festival records in Australia, these two 45's were most likely released in conjunction with The Healer, also released in the US on Chameleon.
K 10112 aK 10112 b K 10112-The Healer/ My Dream, 1989 K 10112 ps
K 10137 aK 10137 b K 10137-I'm In The Mood/No Substitute, 1989 K 10137 ps

Charly UK
In 1980 Charly records in the UK would gain access the the Vee Jay vaults releasing several LPs in it's R&B series. In some cases this would be the first ever release of material recorded nearly 25 years earlier.
Charly R&B LabelPortugese pressing of Charly 30170
Charly CTD 106 Charly ep 106 b CTD 106-Dimples// Boom Boom/ Onions, 1980 Charly EP Picture Sleeve
No Friend Around 30170-No Friend Around, 1979
Reissue of Red Lightnin' RL 003
This Is Hip CRB 1004-This Is Hip, 1980
Dimples/ I Love You Honey/ I'm In The Mood/ Time Is Marching/ Big Legs, Tight Skirt/ Onions/ Take Me As I Am/ Boom Boom// This Is Hip/ Boogie Chillun/ Crawlin' King Snake/ Blues Before Sunrise/ Will The Circle Be Unbroken/ House Rent Boogie/ It Serves Me Right To Suffer/ Bottle Up And Go
Everybody Rockin' CRB 1014-Everybody Rockin', 1981
Every Night/ Trouble Blues/ The Road Is So Rough/ I'm So Excited/ Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine/ Unfriendly Woman/ I'm Goin' Upstairs/ Everybody Rockin'// I'm Mad Again/ Hard Headed Woman/ Crawlin' Black Spider/ Little Wheel/ You've Taken My Woman/ Maudie/ I'm So Worried Baby/ Want-Ad Blues
Moanin' The Blues CRB 1029-Moanin' The Blues, 1981
This LP contains an entire side (side 1) of tracks that had sat in the Vee Jay Vaults until they would be released by Charly.
Drive Me Away/ Wrong Doin' Woman/ She Left Me One Wednesday/ Nightmare/ Sally Mae/ Love Me All The Time/ Moanin' Blues/ Your Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone// Mama, You Got A Daughter/ Wheel and Deal/ Tennessee Blues/ Baby Lee/ Stop Talking/ I See You When You're Weak/ Little Fine Woman/ Mambo Chillun
CRB 1067-Chicago Blues Masters (VA), 1981

Solid Sender CRB 1081-Solid Sender, 1981
You Can Lead Me Baby/ Hobo Blues/ No Shoes/ I Wanna Walk/ Canal Street Blues/ Run On/ I'm A Stranger/ Whiskey and Wimmen// Solid Sender/ Sunny Land/ Goin' To California/ I Can't Believe/ I'll Know Tonight/ Dusty Road/ Left My Baby/ Sadie Mae
Checker UK
This odd reissue seems to have been something of a budget release with the phrase "Super Mid Price" on the back of the jacket. It is difficult to ascertain whether this Checker label has any relation to the Chess subsidiary in the US or was simply leasing Chess material.
LPs Checker LP 6467 305
Mad Man Blues 6467 305-Mad Man Blues, 1970
This lp seems to pre-date the 1973 2lp release on Chess 60011.
Let's Go Out Tonight/ Please Don't Go/ Down At The Landing/ Sugar Mama/ Leave My Wife Alone/ High Priced Woman// Walkin' The Boogie/ You Know I Know/ Hey Boogie/ Ground Hog Blues/ Love Blues/ Mad Man Blues

Chess (International)
While Chess Record's relationships with Pye International in the UK and P-Vine in Japan are well documented I have little information on Chess distribution in other countries. The UK releases continued to be distributed by Pye but would carry the Chess logo beginning in 1965 due in part to Marshall Chess' campaign to get the label more involved in what he saw as a lucrative overseas market.
While most of these issues are UK releases other countries pop up from time to time and I will continue to list them here along with a note on country of origin.

GG 28 aGG 28 b GG 28-Birmingham Blues/ I'm Leaving (Canadian Issue) 197?
Shortly after GRT bought out Chess Records they released this series of re-issues titled "Golden Greats".
GRT "Golden Greats"
French Pressed, Chess 169 523Chess 169523 b
169 523-Real Folk Blues Vol. 4 19??
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/ Stella Mae
This 45 with Picture Sleeve is of French origin. The label design is consistent with late 60's Chess labels in the US.
Real Folk Blues Vol 4
  CRE 6000-Down At The Landing, 1965
Pye/Chess EPCRE 6007 b
CRE 6007-Walkin' The Boogie, 1965
Walkin' The Boogie/ It's My Own Fault// High Priced Woman/ Ground Hog Blues -UK Pressing
Walkin' The Boogie
  CRE 6014-The Journey, 1965
  CRE 6021-Real Folk Blues Vol 3, 1966
Worried Life Blues/ Lonely Boy Boogie// I Don't Want Your Money/ Apologize
Chess 7500John Lee Hooker Plays and Sings the Blues CRL 4500-John Lee Hooker Plays and Sings The Blues
Reissue of Chess LP 1454-UK Pressing
  CRL 4527 The Real Folk Blues, 19??
Reissue of Chess 1508
Chess CXMD  4005Chess Masters CXMD 4005-John Lee Hooker, 198?
Issued in the UK the "Chess Masters" series of double LPs also issued releases of Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson and Howlin' Wolf.
Walkin The Boogie/ Love Blues/ Union Station Blues/ It's My Own Fault/ Leave My Wife Alone/ Ramblin' By Myself// Sugar Mama/ Down At The Landing/ Louise/ Ground Hog Blues/ High Priced Woman/ Women and Money// The Journey/ I Don't Want Your Money/ Hey, Baby/ Mad Man Blues/ Blue Bird/ Worried Life Blues// Apologize/ Lonely Boy Boogie/ Please Don't Go/ Dreamin' Blues/ Hey Boogie/ Just Me and My Telephone

Cleo Holland
CleoBlues Before Sunrise 231 283-Blues Before Sunrise, 19??
Little Wheel/ I'm In The Mood/ Hobo Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Blues Before Sunrise// Want Ad Blues/ My First Wife Left Me/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ Maudie/ Time Is Marching
Concert Hall France
It appears this is yet another reissue of No Friend Around, Advent 2804.
Concert Hall J-1347John Lee Hooker J-1347-John Lee Hooker, 197?
Subtitled "Recordings That Made Jazz History"

Deja Vu
Italian Pressed compilation of Vee Jay sides.
2033-The Collection, 20 Blues Greats, 19??
Dimples/I'm In The Mood/ Hobo Blues/ Boogie Chillen/ Boom Boom/ Blues Before Sunrise/ Time Is Marching/ Tupelo/ Little Wheel/ Shake Holler and Run// Want Ad Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Whiskey and Wimmen/ Tease Me Baby/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ My First Wife Left Me/ Maudie/ No Shoes/ I Love You Honey/ Rock House Boogie
dejavuThe Collection-20 Blues Greats

This LP contains Besman recorded tracks mainly from the late 40s and early 50s. Released in 1990 it is the latest issue I have seen still giving writing/arranging credit to Besman.
DemonThe Detroit Lion Fiend 154-The Detroit Lion, 1990
Reissue of Sensation LP DZL 042, John Lee Hooker's 40th Anniversary Album.
Discophon Spain
Discophon 27385Discophon 27385 b 27 .385-1969?
Poor Me/ I Want To Shout// I Want To Hug You/ Birmingham Blues-As the jacket implies, these are re-issues of Vee Jay Material
Discophon ep 27.385
  S 4339-Alone, 1972
Reissue of Specialty 2125

S 4343-I'm John Lee Hooker (Blues and Gospel Train No1.), 1969
Reissue of Vee Jay 1007
I have to question the date on this lp as it has a later number than the 1972 release alone.


LPs DJM 28026
  28026-Dimples, 1977
Unfriendly Woman/ Wheel and Deal/ Mambo Chillun/ Time is Marching/ I'm So Worried Baby/ Baby Lee/ Dimples/ Every Night/ The Road Is So Rough/ Trouble Blues/ Stop Talking/ Everybody Rockin/ I'm So Excited/ I See You When You're Weak/ Crawlin Black Spider/ Little Wheel/ Little Fine Woman/ Rosie Mae/ You Can Lead Me Baby/ I Love You Honey/ You've Taken My Woman -Vee Jay sides.
Doblon Spain
  50.1401-Original Blues R&B vol. 2, 1982

Earmark Italy
One of many recent 180 gram "Audiophile" issues to come out of Italy.
EarmarkBoogie Chillen, Earmark 44004-Boogie Chillen, 2003
Boogie Chillen/ Sally Mae/ Drifting From Door To Door/ Crawlin' King Snake/ Hobo Blues/ Whistlin' and Moanin' Blues/ Hoogie Boogie// Burnin' Hell/ Miss Sadie Mae/ Weeping Willow/ Low Down Midnite Boogie/ Goin' Mad Blues/ Helpless Blues/ Landing Blues -Modern Sides.

Ember EP 4561 Ember ep 4561 b EP 4561-Thinking Blues, 1964
Thinking Blues/ Late Last Night// Wandering Blues/ Don't You Remember Me
Ember EP Thinkin Blues
Ember 3371 was issued in both label designs shown below.
Ember LP 3356Ember second issue?
John Lee Hooker Sings Blues 3356-John Lee Hooker Sings Blues, 1964
Reissue of King 727 (Minus Poor Joe, Stomp Boogie, Who's Been Jivin' You & Race Track)
Driftin' Thru The Blues 3371-Driftin' Thru The Blues, 1964
Reissue of Crown 5232 Would be issued again in the US as United 7710 in 1969 under the same title with similar artwork to the Ember release.
I don't have much information on the German re-issue of Liberty record's Hooker and Heat. There is a date of 1979 and a credit to United Artists on the label however, the design looks later maybe mid 80s and U/A had never released this material.
EMI-America 164-82 766/67

164-82 766/67, 1979?
Reissue of Liberty 35002, Hooker 'n Heat

Exit (Spain)
2548-Boogie Chillen/ I'm In The Mood, 1969
Yet another reissue of the Verve release, "....and Seven Nights". This appears to have been issued some time in the early 70s.
  EXPLOSIVE 538.003-John Lee Hooker, 197?
Reissue of Verve 3003

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