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MCALonesome Mood 1365-Lonsome Mood, 1983
Reissue of Bluesway 6038 minus "I Don't Care Where You Go".


Modern records of California took a misplaced Mississippi blues man living in Detroit and made him an overnight sensation. John Lee’s first Modern release was Sally May but it was the B-side, Boogie Chillen that launched his career. It is estimated that this record sold over a million copies an astonishing number for it’s day.

Many of the Modern sides have Eddie Kirkland providing second guitar and background vocals, with one, 876, even giving credit as John Lee Hooker with Little Eddie Kirkland. The Jamaican born blues man found himself in Detroit via Alabama in the early 40s. Although his own career never matched that of Hooker’s he recorded with various groups and as a soloist well into the 90s. His distinctive voice and complementary guitar work are a trademark of the Modern releases.

Modern 20-627
78s Modern Records SleeveLater Modern/Affiliate Sleeve  
20-627 Sally May/Boogie Chillen' 1948 Modern 20-627 aModern 20-627
20-663 Hobo Blues/Hoogie Boogie 1949 Modern 20-663Modern 20-663 b
20-688 Whistlin’ and Moanin’ Blues/Weeping Willow Boogie 1949 Modern 20-688Modern 20-688 b
20-714 Crawlin’ King Snake/Driftin’ From Door to Door 1949  
20-730 Howlin’ Wolf/Playin’ The Races 1950  
20-746 Wednesday Evening/No Friend Around 1950  
20-767 Give Me Your Phone Number/Roll ‘an Roll 1950 Modern 20-767 a wlp Modern 20-767  b WLP
20-790 Let Your Daddy Ride/One More Time 1950  
814 Queen Bee/John L’s Rent House Boogie 1951  
829 Women In My Life/Tease Me Baby 1951  
835 How Can You Do It/I’m in the Mood 1951  Modern 835Modern 835 b
847 Anybody Seen My Baby (Johnny Says Come Back)/Turn Over A New Leaf 1951  
852 Ground Hog Blues/Louise 1951  
862 Cold Chills All Over Me/Rock Me Mama 1952 Modern 862Modern 862 b

876 It Hurts Me So/I Got Eyes for You 1952-John Lee Hooker and "Little" Eddie Kirkland

Modern 876Modern 876 b
886 Key to the Highway/Bluebird Blues 1952  
893 New Boogie Chillen/I Tried 1952 *I Tried is a Sylvester Cotton title from 1948  
897 It’s Been A Long Time Baby/Rock House Boogie 1952  
901 Ride Till I Die/It’s Stormin’ and Rainin’ 1953  
908 Please Take Me Back/Love Money Can’t Buy 1953  
916 Too Much Boogie/Need Somebody 1953 Modern 916Modern 916 b
923 Gotta Boogie/Down Child 1953  
931 Jump Me/I Wonder Little Darling 1954  
935 I Tried Hard/Let’s Talk It Over 1954 Modern 935Modern 935 b
942 Cool Little Car/Bad Boy 1954  
948 Half a Stranger/Shake, Holler and Run 1954 Modern 78 948Modern 948 b
958 Taxi Driver/You Receive Me 1955  
966 Hug and Squeeze/The Syndicator 1955 Modern 966 Modern 966 b
978 Looking For A Woman/I’m Ready 1955  
45x835 How Can You Do It/I’m in the Mood 1951
45x847 Anybody Seen My Baby (Johnny Says Come Back)/Turn Over A New Leaf 1951  
45x852 Ground Hog Blues/Louise 1951  
45x862 Cold Chills All Over Me/Rock Me, Mama 1952  
45x876 It Hurts Me So/I Got Eyes for You 1952  
45x886 Key to the Highway/Bluebird Blues 1952  
45x893 New Boogie Chillen/I Tried 1952  
45x897 It’s Been A Long Time Baby/Rock House Boogie 1952  
45x901 Ride Till I Die/It’s Stormin’ and Rainin’ 1953  
45x908 Please Take Me Back/Love Money Can’t Buy 1953  
45x916 Too Much Boogie/Need Somebody 1953  
45x923 Gotta Boogie/Down Child 1953 Modern 45-923Modern 45 923 b
45x931 Jump Me/I Wonder Little Darling 1954  
45x935 I Tried Hard/Let’s Talk It Over 1954 Modern 935Modern 45 935 b
45x942 Cool Little Car/Bad Boy 1954  Modern 942Modern 45 942 b
45x948 Half a Stranger/Shake, Holler and Run 1954 Modern 45-948Modern 45 948 b
45x958 Taxi Driver/You Receive Me 1955  
45x966 Hug and Squeeze You/The Syndicator 1955  
45x978 Looking For A Woman/I’m Ready 1955 Modern 45-978Modern 45 978 b

Modern Oldies
Modern's 60s reissue label. While Kent was being used for new releases and to promote Crown LP issues, several straight reissues were released on the Modern Oldies label.
45xMX 4 Boogie Chillun'/Sally Mae 45xMX 4Modern Oldies MX 4 b
45xMX 24-I'm In The Mood/Weeping Willow Modern Oldies MX 24Modern Oldies MX 24 b
45xMX 52-Howlin' Wolf/John L's House Rent Boogie Modern Oldies MX 52Modern Oldies MX 52 b


Sittin' Here Thinkin' was released in 1980 but the material came from a 1961 session in New Jersey. Les Fancourt credits Eddie Kirkland as the second guitar and vocal on the session. The only other track from the session the be released was on Savoy LP 16000, Living With The Blues, a compilation. I had previously questioned this date and Kirkland's appearance on the LP. Muse lists the LP as stemming from a 1951 session (perhaps due to the repeated mention of the year in the first track) however, Dave Sax confirms the 1961 date pointing out that Hooker was still playing and touring with Kirkland long after his contract with Modern.
Sittin' Here Thinkin'Muse WLP 5205 Sittin’ Here Thinkin’, 1979
I Bought You A Brand New House/I Believe I'll Lose My Mind/Teasin' Me/My Cryin' Days Are Over/ Sittin' Here Thinkin'/Mean Mistreatin'/How Long/ How Many More Years/C.C. Rider/Sad And Lonesome/Can't You See What You're Doing To Me

Oldies 45
Part of Vee Jay's early 60s reissue series which also included an LP label aptly named "Oldies 33". A few various artists LPs were issued on the Oldies 33 label in '63 & '64.
OL 154-Trouble Blues, John Lee Hooker/ Glory of Love, The Angels  
OL 324-I'm Leaving/ Birmingham Blues Oldies 45 324Oldies 45 324 b

1986's Jealous LP has Hooker teaming up with funk organist Deacon Jones. Hooker would return the favor making an appearance on Jones' LP Let's Talk About The Blues. Although Hooker's discography makes little mention of Jones outside of these LPs Jones appears on several live bootlegs from the period.
JealousPausa label PR-7197 Jealous, 1986
Jealous/ Ninety Days/ Early One Morning/ When My First Wife Left Me/ Boogie Woman// Well Well/ I Didn't Know/ We'll Meet Again/ Worried Life Blues/ Ninety Days-Reprise
Having seen this issue many times I'd always assumed it to be a foreign, possibly Canadian, issue. Turns out it's just a cheap reissue out of Minnesota.
SPC-3634Never Get Out of These Blues Alive SPC-3634, Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive, 1978
Reissue of ABC 736
Point Blank
These Juke box issues are the only US vinyl releases from Pointblank in the UK. While they carry the Pointblank logo and Virgin Records distributing credits they were mastered and pressed by Capital records in the US for what at the time, had to have been an incredibly diminished Juke Box market.
S7-19518-Dimples/Don't Look Back, 1997 Juke Issue 19518Juke Issue 19518 b
72438-38664-7-2-Burnin' Hell/Boogie At Russian Hill, 1997 Juke issue 38664Juke issue 38664 b


A pressing error lead to two releases of Prize 704 with two different takes of "Miss Rosie Mae". One, presumably the first press, pairs it with an unknown R&B instrumental (apparently not Hooker) and the other take paired with Highway Blues.
Prize 704 -APrize 704-B
704 Miss Rosie Mae/Highway Blues 1949 (Released as Johnny Williams)

John Lee appears on a single track of Quincy Jones' soundtrack for the Steven Spielberg film.

Quest 1-25389
The Color Purple
1-25389, The Color Purple-1986
John Lee Hooker Track: Don't Make Me No Never Mind (Slow Drag)


The short lived Regal Label was based in Linden, New Jersey. Started by brothers David and Jules Braun in 1949. In 1950 Regal acquired several masters from Bernie Bessman's Sensation label. Regal 3295 is a reissue of Sensation 34 and 3295 comes from a Bessman recorded session in 1950. The label ceased operation shortly after the Braun's other label, DeLuxe, was sold to Syd Nathan of King in 1951. King would eventually also aquire Regal's masters. The green labeled version of 3304 is a variation I have stumbled upon just recently and have little idea where it fits.
Regal 3295Regal 3295 b 3295 Boogie Chillen No. 2/Miss Eloise 1950  
Regal 3004Regal 3304 b 3304 Notoriety Woman/Never Satisfied 1950


Based in Newark, New Jersey and founded by Savoy owner Herman Lubinsky in 1947, Regent issued these two tracks from a late 1948 session with Joe Von Battle. Both tracks would be reissued on the Red Lightnin' LP No Friend Around in 1970.
Regent 1001Regent 1001 b 1001 Helpless Blues/Goin' Mad Blues 1949 (recorded as Delta John)

Hooker N' Heat (Rhino)Rhino 801 RNLP 801-Hooker n' Heat (Live At The Fox Venice Theater
Hell Bound/Strut My Stuff/ Open Up Your Back Door/ House Of Blue Lights/ It Hurts Me Too/ Wrapped UP// Let's Work Together-Going Up To Country/ Tease Me Baby/ Serves Me Right To Suffer/ Nobody Else But You
Infinite BoogieRNDA 71105 RND 711056-Infinite Boogie-1986
Having already used the title Hooker n' Heat for their previous live release, Rhino would retitle this reissue of the Liberty release, Hooker N' Heat as Infinite Boogie


John Lee Released two lps and one single through the Riverside label in the US. Both lps were reissued under the Battle label and later Fantasy Records after they acquired the Riverside catalog in the late 60s as a double album Black Snake, Fantasy 24722. I have seen a Black label Stereo issue of 331 under the catalog number 1175.
Riverside (UK) also released RLP-008, Burning Hell in 1964 through Interdisc and Fontana Records. It was only released in the UK and was not issued in the US until just recently as a CD.
Riverside 45-438 aRiverside 45-438 b 45-438 I Need Some Money/No More Doggin, 1960
Riverside Mono LabelRiverside Stereo Issue
The Country (Folk) Blues of JLH 838 The (Folk*) Country Blues of John Lee Hooker, 1959
Black Snake/ How Long Blues/ Wobblin' Baby/ She's Long, She's Tall, She Weeps Like A Willow Tree/ Pea Vine Special/ Tupelo Blues/ I'm Prison Bound/ I Rowed A Little Boat/ Water Boy/ Church Bell Tone/ Bundle Up and Go/ Good Mornin' Little School Girl/ Behind The Plow

*Jacket reads "Country Blues", label "Folk Blues"
That's My Story 321 That’s My Story, 1960 (1175 Stereo Issue 196?)
I Need Some Money/ Come On And See About Me/ I'm Wanderin'/ Democrat Man/ I Want To Talk To You/ Gonna Use My Rod/ Wednesday Evenin' Blues/ No More Doggin'/ One Of These Days/ I Believe I'll Go Back Home/ You're Leavin Me Baby/ That's My Story
Riverside 1175 (Stereo Issue)


Another Henry Stone label, along with Chart. Although recorded by Stone in Miami in 1953 the sides were first leased to Deluxe and the two Rockin' releases are reissues of De Luxe 6004 and 6032. Blue Monday would later appear on Stones Chart label as I Ain't Got Nobody.
  524 Blue Monday/Lovin’ Guitar Man 1953 (John Lee Booker)
Rockin' 525Rockin 525 b 525 Stuttering Blues/Pouring Down Rain 1953 (John Lee Booker)
  524 Blue Monday/Lovin’ Guitar Man 1953 (John Lee Booker)
  525 Stuttering Blues/Pourin’ Down Rain 1953 (John Lee Booker)

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