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The ABC owned jazz label, Impulse, released many works by John Coltrane and Charlie Mingus. Hooker’s session paired him with Jazz Bassist Milt Hinton, Bop Guitarist Barry Galbraith, Swing and Blues Drummer Panama Francis and even Dickie Wells on Trombone.

Several other Hooker releases paired him with Jazz rhythm sections with outstanding results. Hookers timing was sporadic at best and he rarely followed the standard blues chord progressions. Jazz musicians seemed to be more able to keep up with his eccentric timing and style.

A 7" 33 rpm Juke Box EP was also released from this session.

Impulse 242Impulse 242 b 242 Money/Bottle Up and Go Impulse 242 WLP
EPs-Compact 33, 7" LP, Juke box 33.....well, not techincally an EP.
The 7" 33rpm hey day was in the early to mid 60s. Rock-ola began manufacturing juke boxes that played both 45 and 33 rpm discs in 1960. Most of these releases were intended for juke box play and were issued with title strips. Several companies issued these mini lps, but Chess records seemed to be trying to tap the consumer market as well, issuing several rock and roll, blues and comedy records along with a handful of Jazz releases on their Argo label.
Impulse EP A-9103Impulse EP 9103 b 7S AS 9103-It Serve You Right To Suffer
Contry Boy/ Bottle Up And Go// Money/ It Serve You Right To Suffer
It Serve You Right To Suffer EP
Impulse Mono
Impulse Stereo
It Serve You Right To Suffer A-9103 It Serves You Right To Suffer 1966
Also released as AS-9103 (Stereo)
Shake It/Country Boy/Bottle Up And Go/ You're Wrong// Sugar Mama/Decoration Day/Money/It Serves You Right to Suffer


Operating in Shreveport, LA as Jewel-Paula the originally named Jewel/Paula/Ronn labels were owned by Stan Lewis.
Four singles and one lp resulted from a recording session in Paris in 1969 originally released on the Carson label in France. I Feel Good pairs John Lee with fellow blues man Lowell Fulson, who’s biggest hit may have been Reconsider Baby, Checker 804 1954. I Feel Good and Stand By were split into Pts. 1 and 2 for single release in the U.S.
45s Jewel, Paula, Ronn Sleeve  
jewel 824 promoJewel 824 b
824 I Feel Good (Part 1)/I Feel Good (Part 2) 1971
Jewel 852 PromoJewel 825 b 852 Stand By (Part 1)/Stand By (Part 2) 1971?
Jewel 45 856Jewel 856 b 856 Roll and Tumble/Baby Baby 1981
Jewel 860Jewel 860 b 860 Daizie May (John Lee Hooker)/Hard Working Hanna (Jimmy Reed) 1981?
Hooker shared this Jewel release with his old label mate from Vee Jay, Jimmy Reed.
I Feel Good Jewel 5005 I Feel Good, 1971
I Feel Good Pt.1/I Feel Good Pt. 2/Baby Baby/ Dazie Mae/Stand By Pt. 1/Stand By Pt. 2/ Going Home/Looking Back Over My Day/Roll and Tumble/Baby Don't Do Me Wrong/Come On Baby


The two records Joe Von Battle released for John Lee Hooker on JVB and his Gone label, belies the importance he played in Hooker’s career. Based in Detroit, Battle recorded dozens of sides that were released under various aliases to King, Savoy, Acorn, Chance and even Chess between 1948 and 1951. The two JVB cuts were from a session in 1953.
JVB 30-A
30 Boogie Rambler/No More Doggin’ 1953-Johnny Lee Hooker
JVB 30-B
  30 Boogie Rambler/No More Doggin’ 1953


Part of the Modern Family Kent started out issuing singles in 1958 and had not issued any lps until 1965. The "Original Folk Blues" release is probably from 1967-68 not the 1971 date I had posted previously. The left label appears to be used on original releases through 1969 with the label on the right used in 1970-71.
Kent 332Kent 332 b 332 Boogie Chillen/I’m In The Mood 1960
LPs Kent 1st PressingKent
525 Original Folk Blues 1968?
Reissued as KST-525 (Stereo) 1971
Boogie Chillen/ Queen Bee/ Crawling King Snake/ Weeping Willow/ Whistling and Moaning/Sally Mae// I Need Love So Bad/ Let's Think It Over/ The Syndicate/ Let Your Daddy Ride/ Driftin' From Door To Door/ Baby I'm Gonna Miss You
559 Greatest Hits, 1971
Reissue of Crown 5157


Syd Nathan started the King label in 1943 in an old cold storage building in Cincinnati, Ohio known as "The Ice House" In 1947 he bought controlling interest in the DeLuxe label later moving those operations to Ohio in 1951. Later subsidiary labels releasing Hooker material were Federal and Audio Lab.

Most of King’s 78 releases were Joe Von Battle recordings leased under the alias Texas Slim. Many would be reissued on King LP 727, John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues, finally giving proper credit to John Lee although his cousin Earl Hooker ends up somewhat slighted. *Three of the tracks are his and were mistakenly added to the John Lee compilation.

The original release of King 727 was the black King label with silver lettering. Later issues would have the picture of a king on the label. The 1988 reissue of 727 was on a blue label with King across the top in silver letters

Black and Silver King LabelKing figure logoKing Blue Label 1988 Reissue
78s King Sleeve
King 4283King 4283 b 4283 Black Man Blues/Stomp Boogie 1949 (Texas Slim)
King 4315King 4315 b 4315 The Numbers/Devil’s Jump 1949 (Texas Slim)
  4323 Night Mare Blues/I’m Gonna Kill That Woman 1949 (Texas Slim)
  4329 Heart Trouble Blues/Slim’s Stomp 1950 (Texas Slim)
  4334 Wandering Blues/Don’t Go Baby 1950 (Texas Slim)
King 4366King 4366 b 4366 Don’t You Remember Me/Late Last Night 1950 (Texas Slim) King 4366 WLP
King 4377 AKing 4377 AA 4377 Moaning Blues/Thinking Blues 1950 (Texas Slim)
King 4504AAKing 4504 A 4504 Moaning Blues/Stomp Boogie* 1952 (Released under John Lee Cooker)
45s King Sleeve, '70s
  45-4504 Moaning Blues/Stomp Boogie 1952 (Released under John Lee Cooker)
King 6298 PromoKing 6298 b 6298 Don’t Go Baby/Moanin’ and Stompin’ Blues 1970
John Lee Hooker Sings Blues

727 John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues ( 16 Selections, Every One A Pearl), 1960
Reissued as KLP-727 in 1988
Wandering Blues/Heart Trouble Blues/I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/Slim's Stomp/Don't You Remember Me/The Numbers/*Poor Joe/*Stomp Boogie/Nightmare Blues/Moaning Blues/Don't Go Baby/Thinking Blues/Late Last Night/Devil's Jump/*Who's Been Jivin' You/*Race Track

*Earl Hooker recordings from a November, 1952 session in Florida.

Moanin' and Stompin' Blues KS-1085 Moanin’ and Stompin’ Blues 1970
Wandering Blues/I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/Heart Trouble Blues/Don't You Remember/Slim's Stomp/The Numbers//Nightmare Blues/Moanin' Blues/Don't Go Baby/Thinkin' Blues/Late Last Night/Devil's Jump


Labor is still in business and has reissued this live set taken from the second show performed at Hunter College NY on February 6, 1976. Both sets can be heard on the Tomato release, 96602, also titled "Alone"
Labor 4-Alone Volume 1, 1980
Miss You So/Jesse James/Dark Room/I'll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive/Boogie Chillun/ When My First Wife Left Me/Boom Boom/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


The Bernie Besman label, Lauren, was based in Culver City, California. Articles and letters from the time period seem to indicate that Besman had had bigger plans than just these two singles.

Fancourt's discography lists these as stemming from a March 1961 session in Culver City with the remaining tracks, some with extra instrumentation dubbed in, ending up being issued on Galaxy 201 (John Lee Hooker) in 1962, Green Bottle 3130 (Johnny Lee) and United Artists 127 (John Lee Hooker's Detroit) in 1974.

I had previously mentioned the possibility that these had been from an earlier session. Dave Sax was kind enough to contact me and help me straighten this out. The 1961 date is in fact correct. Besman, it seems, had not received permission from VeeJay to record Hooker and thus conveniently omitted the fact that he was currently recording Hooker in articles and letters of that time period.

Lauren 361Lauren 361 b
361 Ballad to Abraham Lincoln/Mojo Hand (Louisiana Voodoo) 1961
Lauren 362Lauren 362 b
362 Lost My Job/Deep Down In My Heart 1961


John Lee’s collaboration with Canned Heat was first released on the Liberty Label. Promo issues of this 2lp set came with a press booklet.
  15 463 Whiskey and Wimmen/Let's Make It
Hooker 'n' HeatLiberty 35002 Hooker ‘N Heat, 1971
Reissued on Trip and Rhino
Messin' With The Hook/The Feelin' Is Gone/ Send Me Your Pillow/Sittin' Here Thinkin'/Meet Me In The Bottom/Alamonia Blues/Driftin'/You Talk Too Much/Burning Hell/ Bottle Up and Go/The World Today/I Got My Eyes On You/ Whiskey and Wimmen/Just You And Me/Let's Make It/Peavine/Boogie Chillen' No. 2

Lunar #2
Lunar #2 is based in Houston Texas and released this lp under the title "Roots of American Music". I haven't found much info on the label but have references to a second live LP featuring John Lee Hooker from a Houston, Texas show.
LPs Lunar #2 label
Live in 1978 L2S-2008 Live in 1978, 1979
Recorded at the 1978 Telluride Jazz festival combines live performances with interviews.
Intro-Roots/I'm Bad Like Jesse James/Little Girl Go Back To School/It Serves You Right To Suffer/Roll Your Daddy Right/Style of Blues (Interview)/I'll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive/Overseas and British Rock (Interview)/ Boogie Children/T.B. Sheets (Dead Wagon)

For a time I had listed a second lp, Live In Houston. This mistake stemmed from another lp, Live In Houston on JSP crediting Lunar's base of operation as the location for the recording of the lp.

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