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How these sessions were released on Joe Von Battle's (the JVB label) label is unclear. Although 6114 was recorded in Detroit in 1959 (6113 was from a New York Session in 1960) the last reference I find to Joe Von Battle in Hooker’s sessionography is 1953 but photos in 1959 were taken of Hooker in and outside Battle's studio and it appears the two maintained a relationship well into the 60s. The Bill Grauer Productions credit on the label does point towards a relationship with Riverside who it appears was handling distribution for the Battle label. These two LPs released under the Battle label are in fact reissues of the Riverside LPs “The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker” RLP 838 and “That’s My Story” RLP 321.

The Battle labels used on Hooker’s releases are of the red or black background with Battle in a cross above the spindle hole. Another variation comes from an alleged stereo release, which is blue with silver lettering. A closer inspection of the trail off area of this LP indicates it was pressed from the exact same master as it’s mono counterpart.

I had orignally surmised the black label (pictured far right) to be the original pressing of this lp. Having obtained a copy, closer inspection reveals it to be a reissue. Both the red and blue "stereo" issues list Bill Grauer production credits. Grauer died suddenly of a heart attack in December of 1963. It was only after his death, possibly as late as 1965-66 that the Orpheum Production credits appeared on Riverside, and presumably Battle releases.
Battle Mono LabelBattle Stereo Label
Battle 45901a 45901 No More Doggin’/I Need Some Money Battle 45901 WLP
The Blues Man 6113-The Blues Man, 196?
Reissue of Riverside 321 which was also reissued by Fantasy as 24722/Black Snake
How Long Blues 6114-How Long Blues196?
Reissue of Riverside 838 also reissued as Fantasy 24722/Black Snake
Black Snake/How Long Blues/Wobblin' Baby/She's Long, She's Tall, She Weeps Like A Willow Tree/Pea Vine Special/Tupelo Blues/I'm Prison Bound /I Rowed A Little Boat/Water Boy/Church Bell Tone/Bundle Up And Go/Good Mornin', Lil' School Girl/Behind The Plow

ABC’s subsidiary Bluesway released five Hooker lps between 1967 and 1973 reissuing Live at Kabuki Wuki in Quad in 1974, using the matrix prefix BL for mono releases, BLS for stereo, and BLQ for quadraphonic.
Up until mid 1968 Bluesway used a blue label with black print. After that the black label with the blue color band. The green fading to blue label appears to have been used late in the labels life around 1974.
First Bluesway  LabelblueswayBluesway Quad WLPABC Bluesway

61010 Motor City Is Burning/Want Ad Blues 1967

Bluesway 61014 WLP 61014 Mr. Lucky/Cry Before I Go 1968
*Note the "B" side of this promo marked as the plug side.
Bluesway 61017 61017 Back Biters and Syndicators/Think Twice Before You Go 1968
  61023 I Don’t Wanna Go to Vietnam/Simply the Truth 1969  
Live At Cafe A Go Go 6002-Live At Café A-Go-Go, 1967
I'm Bad Like Jesse James/She's Long, She's Tall/My First Wife Left Me/Heartaches and Misery/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/I Don't Want No Trouble/I'll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive/Seven Days
Urban Blues 6012-Urban Blues, 1967
Cry Before I Go/Boom Boom Boom/Back Biters and Syndicaters/Mr. Lucky/My Own Blues/I Can't Stand To Leave You Baby/Think Twice Before You Go/I'm Standing In Line/Hot Spring Water Pt. 1/Hot Spring Water Pt. 2/The Motor City Is Burning
Simply The Truth 6023- Simply The Truth, 1968
I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam/Mini Skirts/Mean, Mean Woman/I Wanna Bugaloo/Tantalizing With The Blues/(Twist Ain't Nothin') But The Old Time Shimmy/One Room Country Shack/I'm Just A Drifter
If You Miss 'Im, I Got 'Im 6038-If You Miss ‘Im, I Got ‘Im, 1969
The Hookers (If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'Im)/Baby, I Love You/Lonesome Mood/Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang/If You Take Care Of Me, I'll Take Care Of You/Baby, Be Strong/I Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby/I Don't Care When You Go/Have Mercy On My Soul!
Live at Kabuki Wuki 6052-Live at Kabuki Wuki, 1973
You Love (Just A Little Bit)/Hold It/Look At The Rain/My Best Friend/Hit The Floor/A Little Bit Higher/I Wonder Why/If You Got A Dollar

BrylenBoom Boom BN 4401-Boom Boom, 1982
Send Me Your Pillow(You Dream On)/ Old Time Shimmy/ Dimples/ I'm So Excited/ Baby Lee// Boom, Boom/ No Shoes/ Dusty Road/ Onions/ Good Rockin' Mama

Buddah An affiliate of the Karma Sutra label Buddah seemed to have some affiliation with Vee Jay reissuing two Vee Jay lps under new titles.
The Very Best of John Lee Hooker BDS-4002-The Very Best of John Lee Hooker, 1970
Reissue of VJ 1049 The Best of John Lee Hooker
Dimples/Boogie Chillun/Little Wheel/Crawlin' King Snake/No Shoes/Tupelo/Drug Store Woman/Boom Boom/Hobo Blues/I'm In The Mood/Whiskey And Wimmen/Dusty Road
Big Band Blues BDS-7506-Big Band Blues, 1970
Reissue of VJ 1066 John Lee Hooker on Campus

Chameleon 74808 1989 Brought yet another resurgence in the career of John Lee Hooker with the release of the Grammy winning album The Healer once again bringing John Lee back into the spotlight of American Music. Chameleon 74794
The Hook 74794 The Hook, 1989
Used as much to promote the upcoming "Healer" Lp as anything this album contains remastered earlier works for Vee Jay and bears the Vee Jay Hall of Fame Series Logo.
Whiskey & Women/ I Wanna Walk/ No Shoes/ House Rent Boogie/ Dimples/ Let's Make It/ Big Legs Tight Skirts/ You Ain't No Big Thing// Boom Boom/ Crawlin' Kingsnake/ Good Rockin' Mama/ Frisco/ Boogie Chillun/ Mama You Got A Daughter/ Want Ad Blues/ Nightmare
The Healer 74808 The Healer, 1989
The Healer/ I'm In The Mood/ Baby Lee/ Cuttin' Out/ Think Twice Before You Go// Sally Mae/ That's Alright/ Rockin' Chair/ My Dream/ No Substitute


The Chicago based label, Chance, leased four sides from Von Battle, who reportedly had recorded them in the back of his Detroit store in 1949. After a visit with Robert Campbell at The Red Saunders Research Foundation, it now seems most likely the two sides on Chance 1122 were actually recorded by Elmer Barbee. Interestingly the A side, 609 Boogie, bears the address of Barbee's Lafayette street studio in Detroit and it seems that it was Barbee providing the shouts on the track. Probably recorded in Detroit in early 1949 (February or March) it was originally leased to Savoy then Danceland (Neither of which released the sides) 609 Boogie and Road Trouble would finally end up on Chance 1122 in 1952.

Three each* 45s and 78s were pressed for the Chance label under the alias John Lee Booker with 1110 (45) being issued in both black and red wax
* I have credible information indicating that 1108 and 1122 may have never been pressed as 45s but will keep them listed here for the time being.

Chance 1108 1108 Miss Lorraine/Talkin’ Boogie 1951-John Lee Booker Chance 1108 b
Chance 1110
1110 Graveyard Blues/I Love to Boogie 1952-John Lee Booker
Chance 1110 b
  1122 609 Boogie/Road Trouble 1952-John L. Booker  
  1108 Miss Lorraine/Talkin’ Boogie 1951
1110 Graveyard Blues/Love to Boogie 1952
1122 609 Boogie/Road Trouble 1952


The Florida based label founded by Henry Stone recorded these sides with John Lee Hooker and Eddie Kirkland in Miami,July of 1953. Other tracks from the same session appeared on the Deluxe and Rockin' labels along with Atco lp-151, Don't Turn Me From Your Door and the Atlantic lp-7228, Detroit Special.
609 Going South/Wobbling Baby 1955  
614 I Ain't Got Nobody/Misbelieving Baby 1955 Chart 614Chart 78 614 b
Chart 609Chart 45 609 b 609 Going South/Wobbling Baby 1955
  614 I Ain't Got Nobody/Misbelieving Baby 1955


Hooker didn’t spend much time with Chess, the giant of Chicago blues, although he didn’t spend a lot of time with any label. Chess 1400 series was released under the alias John Lee Booker. Chess 1462 was also released on Von Battle's Gone label. By spring of 1951 the Chess and Bihari brothers (Modern) appear to have struck some sort of deal and Chess would never again use the Booker alias on Chess releases. Chess 1482 and Modern 852 share sides from the April of 1951 session.

Chess labels varied considerably over time. The Blue and White label used on 78s,45s from the same period had blue and white or blue and silver labels. From the mid 50s to Mid 60s Chess used a blue or black label with Chess written up the side. From 65 to 71 Chess used what is commonly referred to as the “Faded” label which was most often blue with chess fading from blue to white to red. Later reissues would have the “Knights Head” label used by GRT which was mostly orange and had a stylized chess piece symbol in the upper left of the label. When All Patinum/Sugarhill acquired Chess records the label was changed to the blue “Checkerboard” pattern which was also used by MCA for the 9000 series of reissues.

Black Label Chess  Pressings up to 1960Blue Label Chess"Faded" LabelGRT Chess LabelMCA/Chess 9000 series reissue
1462 Mad Man Blues/Boogie Now ( John Lee Booker) ’51 Chess 1462Chess 78 1462 b
1467 Ramblin’ By Myself/Leave My Wife Alone (John Lee Booker)‘51  
1482 Ground Hog Blues/Louise (John Lee Booker)‘51 Chess 78 1482 b
1505 High Priced Woman/Union Station Blues ‘52 Chess 1505Chess 78 1505 b
1513 Sugar Mama/Walking The Boogie ‘52 Chess 78 1513Chess 78 1513 b
1562 It’s My Own Fault/Women and Money ‘54  
The Chess 45s would have been originally released on the Blue Chess label with the silver top.(Kind of a reverse of the 78 design) Later issues may have been blue (or another color)with silver printing and Chess on the left side of the label mimicking the design of the black label lps. Later issues would also resemble whatever design was being used on lp issues.
  1505 High Priced Woman/Union Station Blues ‘52
1513 60s issue.

1513 Sugar Mama/Walkin’ The Boogie ‘52
Both scans pictured are riessues. The one on the left from late 50s-early 60s and the right being mid to late 60s.

1960s Reissue of 1513
Chess 1562Chess 45 1562 b 1562 It’s My Own Fault/Women and Money ‘54
45 Chess 196545 Chess 1965 b 1965 Let’s Go Out Tonight/In The Mood ’66 Chess 1965 Singlse Sided WLP
 I was originally under the impression that the label on the left was the original issue of the 1965 single. New reasearch indicates that the "Knights Head" issues above would have been the original releases.
House of The Blues 1438 House of The Blues, 1960
Original pressing was black label with a 1966 Reissue carrying faded blue label and a 1987 Reissue by MCA/Chess under #9258
Walkin' The Boogie/Love Blues/Union Station Blues/It's My Own Fault/Leave My Wife Alone/Ramblin' By Myself/Sugar Mama/Down At The Landing/Louise/Groundhog Blues/High Priced Woman/Women and Money
John Lee Hooker Plays and Sings the Blues 1454 John Lee Hooker Plays and Sings the Blues, 1961
Original Black Label with faded blue label reissue in 1966 and 1986 MCA Chess 9199
The Journey/I Don't Want Your Money/Hey, Baby/Mad Man Blues/Bluebird/Worried Life Blues/Apologize/Lonely Boy Boogie/Please Don't Go/Dreamin' Blues/Hey Boogie/Just Me and My Telephone
Chess Masters MCA Reissue 1508 The Real Folk Blues, 1966
Mono and Stereo Issues both had the faded blue label with prefixes LP and LPS respectively. 1988 Reissue #9271
Let's Go Out Tonight/Peace Lovin' Man/Stella Mae/I Put My Trust In You/In the Mood/You Know I Know/I'll Never Trust Your Love Again/One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer/The Waterfront
Mad Man Blues 60011 Mad Man Blues, 1973
Released by GRT/Chess this 2lp set carried the orange label. Reissue #CH2-92507 from MCA/Chess in the late 80s.
Mad Man Blues/ Ground Hog Blues/ Down At The Landing/ Louise/ Leave My Wife Alone/ Just Me And My Telephone/ I'm In The Mood/ Love Blues/ It's My Own Fault/ I Don't Want Your Money/ Stella Mae/ Walkin' The Boogie/ Worried Life Blues/ Peace Lovin' Man/ Dreamin' Blues/ I'll Never Trust Your Love Again/ Hey Boogie/ You Know, I Know/ Union Station Blues/ High Priced Woman/ Please Don't Go/ I Put My Trust In You
Classic Records
Classic Records continues the tradition of producing high quality audiophile reissues for the stubbornly discerning analog market. John Lee's "The Healer" has been released in three different issues, a 180g, 200g and a 200g single-sided 45rpm 4 disc box set.
45 RPM Box SetClassic Records 2018Strobe pattern on blank side of 45 rpm set
The Healer 2018-The Healer-Reissue of Chameleon 74808


Recorded in London and orignally released under the Verve Folkways label as "...And Seven Nights" in 1965, then again as Wand 689, On The Waterfront. Cleve records, of Texas is the only label to credit British Blues musician John Mayall on the LP.
Cleve LabelCleve 82871 CH-82871John Lee Hooker and the Ground Hogs with John Mayall, 1972

I'd originally avoided adding this reissue label to the discography however their reissue of Hooker's early sides for Gotham on the lp COL-5151, warrant mention in the site.

  3358-Blues Before Sunrise/ Hobo Blues, 199?
  3480-Grits Ain't Groceries-Little Milton/ Mad Man Blues-John Lee Hooker, 199?
LPs Collectables col-5051
Collectables COL-5151 COL-5151-The Rare Recordings, 1990
House Rent Boogie/ Wandering Blues/ Questionnaire Blues/ Real Gone Gal/ Feed Her All Night/ My Daddy Was A Jockey// Little Boy Blue/ How Long Must I Be Your Slave/ Ground Hog/ Mean Old Train/ Catfish

One of the “Budget” labels based in California and part of the Modern label, Crown released four lps taken mostly from the Modern 78s first issued in late 40s and 50s.

The first label used was black with silver print, in the early 60s this was changed to black with “Crown” printed across the top in multi-colored letters and by mid 60s had changed to a gray label with black lettering. In the latter 60s the label changed again to black with silver lettering and a picture of a crown over the spindle hole.

These LPs would be reissued later by the Modern affiliated United Superior, Kent and Custom labels.

Crown, Black LabelMulti-Colored CrownCrown Gray Label
The Blues, Crown 5157 CLP-5157 The Blues, 1960
Original Release was the Black/Silver design. Reissued under the multi colored and gray labels.
Boogie Chillen'/I'm In the Mood/Crawling King Snake/Queen Bee/Hobo Blues/Weeping Willow/Cold Chills/Hoogie Boogie/Whistling and Moaning/Sally Mae/House Rent Boogie/Anybody Seen My Baby
John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues CLP-5232 John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues, 1962
Original Release was the Black/Silver design. Reissued under the multi colored and gray labels.
Hug and Squeeze You/I Love You Baby/The Syndicate/Boogie Woogie All Night Long/Good Rockin Mama/Let Your Daddy Ride/Turn Over A New Leaf/Don't You Remember Me/Driftin From Door to Door/She Left Me On My Bended Knee

*Boogie Woogie All Night Long is in fact a Rockin' Red (a.k.a. Louisiana Red) song. While Fancourt mentions that it is possible that Hooker is playing guitar on the track it is not a John Lee Hooker Song.
Folk Blues CLP-5295 Folk Blues, 1962
Released under both Multi-colored and Gray Labels
Baby I'm Gonna Miss You/Half A Stranger/Shake Holler and Run/ Down Child/Gonna Boogie/Baby Boy/Rock House Boogie/Let's Talk It over/Baby You Ain't No Good/Lookin' For A Woman
The Great John Lee Hooker CLP-5353 The Great John Lee Hooker, 1963
Released under both Multi-colored and Gray Labels
I Need Love So Bad/Sally Mae/Key To The Highway/How Can You Do It/It Hurts Me So/She Left Me/I Got Eyes For You/Let's Talk It Over/I'm A Howling Wolf/Tease Your Daddy

Another reissue of Crown/Modern sides, this release traces it's roots to the Crown release John Lee Hooker Sings Blues.
Custom 2048Driftin' Thru The Blues 2048 Driftin' Thru The Blues, 197?
Reissue of Crown 5232


John Lee Hooker released a single 78 for the Detroit based Danceland label under the alias Little Pork Chops. Dave Sax, who owned one of three known copies of this record, mentions that Hooker does not sing on Grievin' Blues. One previous owner of the other mentions that it is possible that the vocals are those of the Piano player on the track, James Watkins.
  403 Wayne Country Ramblin’ Blues/Grievin’ Blues 1949

Decca (US)
The Decca releases from the 1962 American Folk Blues festival in Hamburg Germany were originally released and recorded by Deutsche Grammophon/Polydor and released on the Brunswick label in Germany. While not "Live" recordings in the traditional sense they were recorded as single takes in a studio. All the musicians present were on the current AFBF tour, T-Bone Walker, Willie Dixon and Jump Jackson contributed to Hookers takes along with those of most the other musicians.
LPs Decca
4392-The Original American Folk Blues Festival, 196? (VA)
We're Gonna Rock, Memphis Slim/I Wanna See My Baby, T-Bone Walker/ I'm In Love, T-Bone Walker/ I'm Crazy 'Bout You Baby, Sonny Terry/ Stewball, Memphis Slim/ Let's Make It Baby, John Lee Hooker// Shake It Baby, John Lee Hooker/ The Right Time, John Lee Hooker/ Hey Baby, Hooker/ Love My Baby, Shakey Jake/ Crying At The Station, Brownie McGhee/ Bye Bye Baby, Memphis Slim
  4395-American Folk Blues Festival, 196? (VA)
Recorded in Hamburg, Germany-1962

4667-Conversation With The Blues, 1965 (VA)

De Luxe

DeLuxe was owned by the Braun brothers of Linden, NJ who also owned Regal. In 1951 Syd Nathan, of King who had earlier purchased a controlling interest in the label, moved operations to Cincinnati.
John Lee used the alias John Lee Booker on most his 50s Deluxe sides. All but 6009 are from a Miami session in the July of 1953 and feature Eddie Kirkland on back up vocal and guitar. 6009 was recorded back in Detroit in September of the same year and bears the alias Johnny Lee. Most were later reissued by ATCO 33-151 Don’t Turn Me From Your Door 1963. 6009 was reissued on a UK label, Krazy Kat, KK LP 200 Boogie Awhile.
De Luxe Records
  6004 Blue Monday/Lovin’ Guitar Man 1953  
  6009 I Came to See You Baby/I’m A Boogie Man 1953  
De Luxe 78, 6032 6032 Stuttering Blues/Pouring Down Rain 1954 DeLuxe 78 6032 b
  6046 My Baby Don’t Love Me/ Real, Real Gone 1954  
  6004 Blue Monday/Lovin’ Guitar Man 1953
  6009 I Came to See You Baby/I’m A Boogie Man 1953
  6032 Stuttering Blues/Pouring Down Rain 1954
  6046 My Baby Don’t Love Me/ Real, Real Gone 1954


Part of the Vee Jay label, several records including one by Hooker were released in the mid 70s under the Dynasty series. “In Person” contains reissued and unissued tracks from early to mid 60s sessions most of which were recorded in Chicago. The jacket of this lp credits Trip Records of Linden New Jersey with distribution.
45s-Until just recently I was unaware that Dynasty had released any singles. There is a hint of another perhaps by Jimmy Reed. How many may have been issued beyond this which appears to be the first in the Dynasty 45 series, and whether they were issued as anything other than promos is unknown at this time.
Dynasty WLP 45DST-4501 b WLP
DST-4501 Will The Circle Be Unbroken/ Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine, 1974
John Lee Hooker In PersonDynasty 7301 DY-7301 John Lee Hooker In Person, 1974
You're Gonna Need Another Favor/New Sally Mae/Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine/She's Long She's Tall/You're Mellow/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Flowers On The Hour/It Serves Me Right To Suffer/Ain't No Big Thing Baby/You Can Run Baby


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