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For the sake of avoiding confusion I have kept ABC and it’s blues label, Bluesway as separate entries. Hooker had recorded several albums with both companies between 1967 and 1974.
With the exception of S-720, Endless Boogie, all of Hooker’s ABC LP releases were also reissued in 1974 in Quadraphonic.
abcabc quadraphonicABC WLPABC Quad Promo
  11298 Doin’ The Shout/Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U 1971  
ABC 45 11320 AABC 45 11320 B 11320 Boogie With The Hook /Never Get Out of These Blues Alive
The white label promo, right, was issued with mono/stereo mixes.
ABC 11320 Mono /Stereo WLP
Endless Boogie 720-Endless Boogie, 1971 (2lp)
(I Got) A Good 'Un/House Rent Boogie/Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U/Standin' At The Crossroads/Pot's On, Gas On High/We Might As Well Call It Through/Doin' The Shout/A Sheep Out On The Foam/I Don't Need No Steam Heat/Sittin' In My Dark Room/Endless Boogie Pt. 27/Endless Boogie Pt. 28
Never Get Out of These Blues Alive 736-Never Get Out of These Blues Alive, 1972
Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee/Hit The Road/Country Boy/Boogie With The Hook/T.B. Sheets/Letter To My Baby/Never Get Out of These Blues Alive
LIve At Soledad Prison 761-Live at Soledad Prison, 1972
Super Lover/I'm Your Crosscut Saw/What's The Matter Baby?/Lucille/Boogie Everywhere I Go/It Serve Me Right To Suffer/Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
Born In Mississippi Raised Up In Tennessee 768-Born in Mississippi, Raised Up in Tennessee, 1973
Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee/How Many More You Gonna Dog Me 'Round/Going Down /Younger Stud/King Of The World/Tell Me You Love Me
Free Beer and Chicken 838-Free Beer and Chicken, 1974
Make It Funky/Five Long Years/713 Blues/714 Blues/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer/Homework/Blue Bird/Sittin' On Top of The World/Collage

Hookers only release for the Acorn label was under the alias "The Boogie Man" It was the result of sessions with Elmer Barbee leased by Joe Von Battle to Savoy in the late 40s. Not surprisingly, the label gives writing credit to J. Battles. Both tracks, along with others from the same sessions, would be reissued on Krazy Kat, Boogie A While KK 200
Acorn 308
308 Do the Boogie/Morning Blues 1949
Acorn 308 b
Analogue Productions
Analogue Productions  of Salina, Kansas has been busy putting out quality reissues of Verve, Blue Note, Impulse and Fantasy (owners of the Riverside catalog) classics.
  AIPJ 9103-Serves You Right To Suffer
Reissue of Impulse 9103
  AJAZ 12-321-That's My Story
45rpm reissue of Riverside 321
  AJAZ 008-Burning Hell
45rpm reissue of the UK released Riverside 008

Much of the Material on this ATCO lp came from sessions in Miami in 1953 and 1961.
*I have seen promo copies of this lp issued with the earlier label design featuring the "Lyre" logo. This seems to pre-date Hooker's release on the label by more than a dozen issues. They could be very early promos or simply the result of a pressing company using old stock.
Atco WLP
Don't Turn Me From Your Door ATCO 33-151 Don’t Turn Me From Your Door, 1963
Was reissued as SD 33-151 in 1967.

Stutterin' Blues/Wobbling Blues/You Lost A Good Man/Love Me Baby/Misbelieving Me/Drifting Blues/Don't Turn Me From Your Door/My Baby Don't Love Me/I Ain't Got Nobody/Real, Real Gone/Guitar Lovin' Man/Talk About Your Baby
Atlantic Label
In 1972 Atlantic reissued much of the original ATCO lp along with some new material on an lp titled Detroit Special which was part of a series highlighting ATCO and Atlantic's blues heritage.
Detroit Special
Atlantic SD 7228 Detroit Special, 1972
Stuttering Blues/ Pouring Down Rain/ You Lost a Good Man/ Love My Baby/ Misbelieving Baby/ Drifting Blues/ Wobbling Baby/ Goin' South/ Don't Turn Me Away From Your Door/ My Baby Don't Love Me/I Ain't Got Nobody/ Real Real Gone /Guitar Lovin' Man/Talk About Your Baby/ Blue Monday/ My Baby Put Me Down
The Iron Man Atlantic 91996-1 The Iron Man, 1989
After a fair amount of thought and going back and forth I have decided to enter this LP in the discography. After all, John Lee plays the title roll in Pete Townsend's musical adaptation of Ted Hughes' "The Iron Giant".

Audio Fidelity
This 2000 audiophile release contains remastered tracks from Hooker's sessions for Modern.
Audio FidelityBoogie Chillen', Audio Fidelity AFLP 005 -Boogie Chillen, 2000
Hey 'S The House Rent Boogie/ I'm In The Mood/ Do My Baby Think Of Me/ I'm Gonna Git Me A Woman/ Five Women In My Life/ Let's Talk It Over (One More Time)/ Baby, How Do You Do It/ Boogie Chillen'/ Down Child/ Gonna Boogie/ Bad Boy/ Baby, I'm Gonna Miss You/ Half A Stranger/ Rock House Boogie/ Baby, You Ain't No Ugly Good/ The Syndicator

Audio Lab
Started by Syd Nathan of the King label in 1959 Audio Lab issued 6 Hooker sides on a compilation lp also featuring Sticks McGee. First issues were on heavy vinyl, notice the deep groove on the original release on the left compared to the 70s issue on the right.
Audio Lab 1520 Audio Lab Reissue
HIghway of Blues AL-1520 Highway of Blues John Lee Hooker and Sticks McGee,1959
Nightmare Blues/Moaning Blues/Don't Go Baby/Thinking Blues/Late Last Night/Devil's Jump

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